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Investment Behavior

Transforming the Growth Mode and Optimizing the Structure of Capital Attracting, and New Changes Will Take Place in the Assessment Method of Open-Door Economy This Year.
2006 - 08 - 11

Recently, from municipal Economic and Foreign Trade Bureau, the reporter learned that new changes will take place in the assessment method of open-door economy this year, and a series of assessment methods of quality target are newly added.

Emphasis on the optimization of the structure. In this year, the emphases of open-door economy in our city is that we will ulteriorly transform the method of trade growth, strengthen autonomous innovation, develop high and new technology, and improve the structure of capital attracting. For this, in new assessment method, the output examination on the processing-trade output line and hi- tech products is added in the assessment targets of foreign-trade output, and the special bonus of output name brands, which are greatly fostered and developed by Ministry of Trade, Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City. In the assessment targets of foreign capita attracting l, we add “double indraught”(the civilian attracting foreigners, and the foreigners attracting foreigners) to more than 50% of contracted foreign capital, and we add the special bonus to new agricultural institutions or research & development institutions. At the same time, we firstly list the enterprises established abroad in the assessment of towns (Subdistrict office).

Two newly added awards. One is the award of special contribution for the units which have not obtained the development award of open-door economy but gained obvious results in attracting businessmen and their investment; The other is the single award of attracting businessmen and their investment, which is used to encourage the towns (Subdistrict office) and departments to play an active role in attracting businessmen and their investment.

(From Yuyao Daily)

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