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Investment Behavior

Contract-signing ceremony
2006 - 08 - 11

Yesterday afternoon, a contract-signing ceremony of the 8th Investment and Trade Negotiation Meeting was held in Pacific Hotel, the leaders of our city Chen Weijun and Chen Jianmiao attended it.

Through the collective efforts of relevant departments in our city, at 8th Investment and Trade Negotiation Meeting there were totally 50 invested projects by foreign businessmen contracted, and the total investment is 0.46 billion dollars, and the contracted foreign capital is 0.22 billion dollars. There are many highlights in the contracted projects at this negotiation meeting, it mainly behaves as the following four aspects: Firstly, the business invitation for the agricultural items has made a breakthrough in signing the contracts. The contract signing of five agricultural items has fully reflected that the foreign businessmen's enthusiasm in investing in the agriculture and serving the construction of new villages. Secondly, the proportion of investors from Europe and the U.S.A. has increased sharply, accounting for 26% of the total contracts. The effective expansion of investment invitation, especially the cooperation of non-governmental enterprises with famous multinational enterprises based in Europe and the U.S.A. will greatly enhance the development of the non-governmental enterprises in our city. Thirdly, the scientific and technologic items has made new breakthrough, which fully reflects that the foreign investment utilization in our city has turned the focus to both the quantity and the quality. Fourthly, the asset and share expanding items make a large proportion, 16% of the total, which shows that the investors become realistic and are active in breaking the limitation of elements, and moreover, the foreign investors have made a good return in investing and become more confident in their investment.

After the signing-contract ceremony, Chen Junwei, the deputy secretary of city party committee and surrogate mayor gave report. He said Yuyao locates in the Long River triangle area, and it is one of the cities which most have energy and commercial opportunity, and its industrial supporting advantage and the energy of civil enterprises has drawn the attention of the people all over the world, and it has become the land which investors pay attention to. At present, the economy of Yuyao is at the phase of industrial structure adjusted and upgraded. In order to improve the comprehensive strength and competitive power of our city, we will welcome the following kinds of projects to settle in our city in more open pose: science and technology, heading, save on land and energy, increase of tax and efficiency. Our city will pursue the principle of “treasuring businessmen, attracting businessmen, composing businessmen and enriching businessmen”. We will wholeheartedly provide broad development space and high-grade services to the investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. We will forevermore care and support the investors and entrepreneurs, and do our best to create favorable environment with perfect supporting facilities and high-performance services. 

(From Yuyao Daily)

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