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Journey to Yuyao
2011 - 08 - 19

The Museum of the Hemudu Site is located on the side of Yaojian River in Hemudu Town, Yuyao Municipality. It is one of “top 100 Patriotism Education Bases in China”, with the name inscribed by President Jiang Zemin. The outline of the museum has a “dry-column style” architectural style. In the Museum there are “A-list in the World” on display such as the tallest cultivated rice in the world, dry-column architectures, barge pole, ancient whistle etc. and so on, all of which redisplay the original ecology environment of Hemudu and the living and working scenes of the primitive Hemudu men. The Hemudu Site, with 7,000-year ancient civilization, is one of the cradles of the Chinese nation and the historical and cultural relics under state protection of China .The site was explored in 1973,and more than 6,700 cultural relics like tools of production, apparatus for living, original artworks, along with some skeletons, abundant cultivated rice, large-area wood construction relics, skeletons of domestice pigs, dogs, water buffaloes, wild animals, remains of collective fruits ,all of which receive the honor of “ Hemudu Culture” in the World Culture.

Siming Mountain National Forest Park is located within the border of Singming Mountain Town, which is on the hillside of Siming Mountain in Yuyao. It covers an area of 6,500 hektares, and is a multifunctional forest park of generalized type at the national level for sunstroke preventing, holidays spending, tourism, conference, scientific and educational relaxation and body building .It is between 600 to 900 meters tall above the sea and climate there is unique. In summer the average temperature is 6℃—8℃ lower than that of plain areas and is really a cool world against hot summer. Old trees, beautiful mountains, continuous lakes, strange rocks and natural landscape disperse over all the areas, ecolourism shows a unique elegant demeanour. Main view spots are as follows: BO GU Rock - famous for its Water Curtain Cave being the top in China, Yangtian lake- the pearl of the mountain, Donggu Lake, Xiakeng Lake, Bailong Pool with three-side cliffs and springs etc. and so on. It is a good plan for turists to relax themselves in Siming Mountain Village for several days after touring. Siming MountainVillage is a reception center with facilities of all sorts and owns standard beds and big or small meeting rooms, in addition, there are entertainment center, tea rooms etc. and so on. The village offers a serious of farmhouse dishes and is especially famous for its delicious dishes made from blackcock, alpine vegetables and wild bamboo shoots.

Ancient Village is located on the beautiful Siming Mountain. There are many ancient villages on the mountains, such as ancient villages of south Yangze River style Shilin and Guanpei, the famous cultural village in history Hengkantou where there are many Red Revolutionary relics, red-around-mountain Hongfeng Village and quiet ecology village Linzhi Village. Tourists can wander around mountains and rivers and experience the original village life, they can also have a taste of the unique-flavor farmhouse dishes which are impressive on them in the house of hospitable villagers.

Tiaxia Jade Garden, located at the mountain foot of Wanglong Mountain in Dayin Town, Yuyao Municipality, is characteristic of the jade culture. It is a large-scale theme park combined with the anima of mountains and rivers, the choice consumer goods of jade carving and famous historical sites. The garden now has been recorded by Shanghai Big World for the Top of Guinness Jade Culture. Now there are 20 view spots, more than 40 large-scale jade carving at the national level and more than 10,000 jade carving curiosities, making the park the world of jades. At the main view spot Yinchan Temple the figures of Buddha are all carved with jade, now the temple has been selected as “the Biggest Temple of Ming and Qing palace” by the Headquarter of Guinness in Shanghai.

Red Mountains and Waters, located in Shilin Village in Dalan Town, Yuyao Municipality, is a famous scenic site relying on canyon scenery, Taoism culture and the kaleidoscope of Ancient Mountain Village in East Zhejiang, and characteristic of its cliffs, odd rocks, ancient bridges, streams and splashing waterfall. It was honor of the Ninth Heaven by Taoist. The location of the view spots Shilin Village is well reserved compared to its natural form, where there are tall ancient trees, lush vegetation. Each August, with tomatoes hanging on the trees on the top and low mountains in and around the village, there seems to be numerous small red lanterns.

Siming Lake, located within the border of Liangnong Town in Yuyao Municipality, is a man-made lake with the beauty of West Lake and the pizzazz of Dongting Lake. In the middle of the lake there are islands and around the lake there are ridges and peaks and many historic relics. Its area is twice the West Lake and the capacity of water storage is twelfth times more than that of the West Lake. There are holiday village on the side of the lake, which has become a famous scenic spot people longing for with its original, beautiful and natural charm and marvelous, excite and novel amusement equipments.

White Water Flushing the Waterfall, located between the two mountains Shiwu and Yungen on the Nanbaishui Mountain in Liangnong Town, Yuyao Municipality, is also called White Water and Splashing Waterfall. The Shiwu is full of fairy stones and cliffs, and Yungen is dazzling green and gloried by the natural flow. It rushes down from a fifty-meter tall splashing waterfall without stop and seems to be a white dragon with shocks and looks rather magnificent.

Zhendong Bridge, located at the follow village of Lizhou Temple in Siming Mountain Town, Yuyao Municipality, was built from the Ming Dynasty. It is a single-pore stone arcade bridge and was made of stones. Wenchang Loft, which is to the west of the bridge, seems to be a majestic standing bridgehead. To the opposite direction of Wenchang Loft by a stream there is “Huang Lizhou Memorial” Huanglizhou, a great ideologist during the end-Ming Dynasty and early-Qing Dynasty, once wrote and gave lectures here.

Ruiyun Building, located at Mingyang West Road, was built from the Ming Dynasty and was the birthplace of a great psychological master Wang Yangming. Wang Yangming, whose penname was Shouren, was a famous ideologist, educationalist, militarist and calligrapher during the Ming Dynasty. When Wang Yangming was born, his mother dreamed a supernatural being gave her a son, so this building is called Ruiyun Building from then on, and Wang Yangming spent his childhood here. The main building covers an area of more than 500 square meters, and there are seven layers companied by the eaves. The simple structure and great vigor shows the basic style and features during the Ming and Qing period in east Zhejiang. There are historical stories of Wang Yangming with a lot of pictures and material objects on display. The exhibition shows the lifetime of Wang Yangming as “the First Man in Ming Dynasty” and “Top on Making Contributions, Morals and Speeches”. Now Ruiyun Building is the patriotism education base in Ningbo.

The Site of Party Committee in East Zhejiang, located in Hengkantou Village in Liangnong Town of Siming Mountain, Yuyao Municipality, was the Office of the CPC Party Committee in East Zhejiang. In 1981, The Site of Party Committee in East Zhejiang was remedied extensively and became a memorial formally and opened to the outside. The memorial building is in double- wood structure, with peak walls, black tiles, red corridors and larmier, appearing to be greatly magnificent. There is a marble monument at the entrance inscribed with “the Site of Communist Party of China in East Zhejiang” by the former minister of DOD Zhang Aiping written in cursive. There are more than 600 rare cultural relics and historical pictures of the period of War of Resistance Against Japan and the Anti-Japanese War in the memorial, vividly reflecting the entire process from the foundation to development of Revolutionary Base in East Zhejiang and the hard struggling life after the recession to the north of Sinsi Troop. It is the key organization for cultural relics protection, and is also approved above all for patriotism education.

Longquan Mountain, located in the center of the city, is 67.4 meters tall, and its perimeter is about two kilometers. Yuyao is close to the south of the mountain, where there is beautiful landscape. The sceneries of the whole city is in your eyes if you clime up the mountain and look around : the clean and clear east area of Yao River, the piled up mountains of south Siming Mountain, the relaxing fields and plains in the suburb, and on the mountains there are numerous odd stones, verdant forests, diverse buildings and booths and a great variety of historic relics, all of which make people impressive.

Tongji Bridge and Shunjiang Building are typical constructions of the ancient city Yuyao. Tongji Bridge, which was built from the Yuan Dynasty to the year Shun (1332), spans over the Yao River and joins the south city and the north city together, and was honored of “ the First Bridge of South Zhejiang ”. Shunjiang Building, commonly called Drug Building, was built from the Yuan Dynasty to the year Yuan (1335). It appears to be simple and majestic with cornices and rake angels. One bridge, accompanied with one building, embodying the magnificent verve in “ Rainbow Hangs in the Sky and High Lofts with Ballast.”

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