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An enterprise in the Plastics Mall is aiming at breaking the monopoly of Japan and America and its project included in the national “Thousand Talents Plan”
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Ningbo Bolilong Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd., located in the China Plastics Mall, has been focusing on modification and research and development of engineering plastics, especially carbon fiber, and has developed itself into a high-tech enterprise, capable of testing, sales and manufacturing.

As is learnt, thanks to its excellent properties of high strength, high modulus and light weight, carbon fiber, honored as “Black Gold” in the material industry, is not only irreplaceable in aerospace and other military fields, but also quite favorable in civil industries, such as sports and leisure industry, building protection industry and automobile traffic industry and so on. However, the international carbon fiber market is still monopolized by Japan and the United States and there are only over 30 enterprises who are specialized in production of carbon fiber throughout China, thus domestic carbon fiber relies heavily on imports.

“Our job is to fill the gap, which we did for the past 10 years and is still to insist int he coming 10 years, 20 years…” As is said by Li Zhigang, General Manager of Ningbo Bolilong Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd..

Early in 2005, Li Zhigang and his partners set up a plastics testing enterprise in China Plastics Mall, specialized in physical and chemical testing of plastics. Later, it came to Li Zhigang’s mind that he might develop a new material from plastic materials and metal materials. Thus in 2007, Li Zhigang founded his own enterprise, focusing on carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber industry is a highly technology and capital intensive industry. “Bolilong” went all out to introduce talented and cooperates with scientific research institutes, such as Norinco Group China North Material and Science Engineering Technology Group Corporation, and Shandong Qilu Petrochemical Research Institute, etc.. Later in 2012, senior overseas doctors were introduced for professional research and development of thermoplastic carbon fiber material with a total investment of 10 million yuan. Till now, “Bolilong” has successfully developed over 50 categories of thermoplastic carbon fiber composite products, extensively applied in automotive lightweight, mechanical processing, and textile accessories. The company has applied for 17 patents, including 10 invention patents and has developed into a key research, development and manufacturing base of the thermoplastic carbon fiber material. And the project of “thermoplastic carbon fiber material” has been included in the 10th List of National “Thousand Talents Plan”.

Right now, the carbon fiber factory is under construction with an investment of over 80 million yuan by Li Zhigang. The equipment in the new factory and manufacturing techniques to be applied are all self developed. Once starts manufacturing, the factory is able to provide “Bolilong” as many carbon fiber materials as it needs. For the next step, Li Zhigang is to develop a carbon fiber industrial chain of “material - granulation - forming - product”.

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