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China Yuyao • Hemudu Agricultural Expo
Text Size:A A A 2017-04-25

China Yuyao • Hemudu Agricultural Expo, a comprehensive expo, focusing on the display, sales, promotion and matchmakings of agricultural products, is the only one national agricultural expo which is held in a county in China and 3A-level comprehensive agricultural expo in China. China Yuyao • Hemudu Agricultural Expo is held once a year and China Soft-shelled Turtle Festival is held once every two years. Hosts of the expo and the festival include relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture, Ningbo Agriculture Bureau and Yuyao Municipal People’s Government. Undertakers are mainly Yuyao Agriculture Bureau, Yuyao Commerce Bureau and Yuyao Supply and Marketing Cooperative. The expo is also supported by the Quality Agricultural Products Service Center, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China. Based on the modern agricultural development, the expo, themed “Health, Delicacy, Ecology and Effectiveness”, is aiming at promoting the 7,000-year old agricultural culture in Hemudu, further displaying and advertising the achievements that had been made on the modern agriculture in Yuyao, exhibiting famous local quality new agricultural products, extending the influence of Yuyao, being the home to quality agricultural products, strengthening communication and cooperation on agriculture, and promoting mutual development of both urban and rural areas. The expo has been held for 8 sessions with great achievement and is a valuable “name card” of Yuyao. The opening of the expo is close to the Spring Festival in China, thus making itself a key activity for local people to attend and enjoy a joyful atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

The expo covers a total area of 28,000 square meters and boasts a total number of attendances over 1.5 million and a total of on-site sales volume more than 500 million RMB since the first session. Exhibitors at the expo exceeded 900 since the fourth session. You are to find more than 3,600 kinds of agricultural products from 20 cities and provinces and 15 countries and regions. 500 out of the 3,600 are overseas agricultural products. Besides, a variety of activities are held each year, including agricultural product promotion and sales conferences, agricultural forums on agricultural culture and innovation agriculture and on brand soft-shelled turtle sales, modern agricultural achievement display, traditional agricultural culture display are held each year. You are also to enjoy Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition of “Yuyao Homespun Cloth”, “Yuyao Straw-plated Article”, “Yuyao Paper-cutting”

and “Siming Mountain Bamboo Weaving”, and local snacks of “Liangnong Rice Cake” and “Gandalin Soybean Milk”. 

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