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Herowater embraces the smart era thanks to the “Summit Effect”
Text Size:A A A 2017-07-03

Hero Aquasystem International Ltd., Herowate for short, and located in Lubu Town, has currently delivered a newly produced batch of smart water purifiers to a medical examination center in Nanjing and another over 1,000 sets of water purifiers are under production by Herowater for the very customer in Nanjing. Thanks to a smart cloud platform, Herowater is able to sell its products not to traditional customers of families, but to a medical examination center instead.

Li Songjie, General Manager of Herowater, showed how to operate the smart cloud platform of “Blue Code” to media friends: follow the subscription account of the “Blue Code” on WeChat and then click “binding the water purifier” for a window popping out with information on used flow, length of service, residual flow, mineral content of raw water and purified water as well; click the menu of “Water Consumption” and you are to find out the daily and monthly water consumption volume; you are to find other function menus, such as charge for water, filter element replacement and product warranty, etc. It only takes a few smart clicks for customers to meet their own needs. It is learnt that Herowater invested 150,000 RMB for the development of this smart cloud platform, aiming at providing customers with smart water purifying services with IOT technologies. The produce has been in market since May 2017 and its major customers include medical examination centers, health clubs and beauty salons, etc. For the next step, Herowater is to invest more for developing smart air cleaners and juicers. Li Songjie said in confidence at the Fourth China Robot Summit that Herowater is to make full use of the “Summit Effect” to embrace the smart era and benefit from smart products.

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