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7 local products win gold prizes at the Zhejiang Agriculture Expo
Text Size:A A A 2018-11-27

As the news came from the Zhejiang Agriculture Expo 2018 yesterday, 7 products, made in Yuyao, have won gold prizes at the Quality Product Selection Competition, the Zhejiang Agriculture Expo 2018.

These 7 agricultural products are:

The mustard tuber branded 铜钱桥( pronounced Tong Qian Qiao in Chinese) with Ningbo Tong Qian Qiao Food and Vegetable Industry Co., Ltd.;

The mustard tuber branded 备得福( pronounced Bei De Fu in Chinese) with Yuyao Bei De Fu Vegetable Industry Co., Ltd.;

The green tea branded 瀑布仙茗 ( pronounced Pu Bu Xian Ming in Chinese) with Yuyao Yili Tea Factory;

The green tea branded 瑶境茗珠 ( pronounced Yao Jing Ming Zhu in Chinese) with Yuyao Yaojiangyuan Tea Factory;

The quick-frozen sweet corn branded 绿冻 ( pronounced Lv Dong in Chinese) with Yuyao Hongji Food Co., Ltd.;

The sweet corn branded “宇宙村” ( pronounced Yu Zhou Cun in Chinese) with Yuyao Jinnong Sweet Corn Cooperative;

The pickled Chinese cabbage branded 黄潭 ( pronounced Huang Tan in Chinese) with Yuyao No. 5 Vegetable Refinery.

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