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The 14th Yangtze River Delta Folk Orchestra Performance concluded in Yuyao
Text Size:A A A 2018-12-10

In the evening of October 18, with the Prelude of Huang Mei Opera, brought by Malaysia Rixinguo Chinese Orchestra, coming to an end, the Voice of Hemudu 2018 & the 14th Yangtze River Delta Folk Orchestra Performance was concluded in Yuyao.

Chinese folk music is an important part of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. This very Yangtze River Delta Folk Orchestra Performance, hosted by Shanghai Musician Association, Zhejiang Musician Association, Jiangsu Provincial Musicians Association and Yuyao Municipal Peoples Government, and undertaken by Yuyao Education Bureau and Gao Feng High School, aims at further popularizing excellent traditional culture, promoting exchanges on folk music performance and teaching and learning, and broadcasting traditional culture of Chinese folk music. Up to about 50 folk music orchestras from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Shanghai and from Malaysia, participated in the very Performance, while the folk music orchestra with Gao Feng High School took part in the Performance on behalf of Ningbo. The event also invited well-known scholars and experts from the national music circles at home and abroad to comment, discuss and give speeches on the spot for the discussion of the development of Chinese folk music art. The Yangtze River Delta Music Development Alliance, co-sponsored by the musician associations in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Shanghai, was initiated on-site.

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