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The Siming Mountain Town honored as a “National Forest Culture Town”
Text Size:A A A 2018-12-24

The result of Forest China·Discovering Forest Culture Towns 2018, organized by the Chinese Society of Forestry, was released lately. After assessment by experts with the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the Tsinghua University, the Guangming Daily Press, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, 20 forest culture towns were selected. And the Siming Mountain Town with Yuyao is one of the 20 forest culture towns.

The Siming Mountain Town boasts a deep forest and charming mountains and rivers and is known as the Second Lushan Mountain in China, Natural Oxygen Bar and Green Lung in East China. In recent years, the Siming Mountain Town has been insisting in the ideology of protecting the ecological environment the same as protecting our lives. The town is composed of 3 kinds of zones, namely an industrial development promotion zone, a development-restricted zone and a development-prohibited zone. In the development-prohibited zone, the policy of removing flowers for growth of forests has been adopted for the maximum protection of the ecological environment. During the process of industrial transformation, both the Chinese Yew and Chinese torreya trees have been planted to meet the needs of ecological protection and local business income. The transformation and upgrading of local villages have preserved rural characteristics, a number of stone walls, bridges and other ancient architectural elements. The Siming Mountain Town has been entitled as the Hometown of Chinese Red Maple, the Hometown of Chinese Cherry Blossom, one of the National Charming Towns, the China's Best Cultural and Eco-tourism Destination, one of the Tourism Powers in Zhejiang Province, one of the First Forest Culture Towns in Zhejiang Province, and the First National Climate Leisure Resort in China.

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