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Deepening engineering services, developing digital factories and unmanned workshops,“Yuyao Legions” powerful in smart manufacturing
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Yesterday, at the workshop of Ningbo Sunny Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., an engineer was adjusting an intelligent flexible production lineupon testing. The very production line, developed by Sunny Intelligent Technology with self-innovative design and manufacturing, is able to recognize different products of different specifications and models before manufacturing, as well as able to carry out real-time monitoring, thus reproduce the real manufacturing scenes. A few days later, the production line, together with AI-technology-supported camera testing products, co-developed by Sunny and IBM, are to exhibit at the “China Robotop Summit”. The very product is able to test about 150 to 200 cameras in one second and once applied, it will become the very first one to apply AI technology in visual detecting system throughout the world.

In the coming Fifth China Robotop Summit & Intellectual Economic Talent Summit, the “YuyaoLegions”, composed of Sunny Intelligent Technology, Sunny Bär Automation and Welllih Robot Technology, etc., are to compete with those leading smart manufacturing engineering service providers in and out of China.

According to the statistics provided by Yuyao Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Yuyao now boasts 11 intelligent manufacturing engineering service enterprises, such as Sunny Intelligent Technology, Fato Automation, Welllih Robot Technology, Zhichang Technology and Rivo Robot, etc., and 4 municipal level intelligent manufacturing engineering service enterprises, including Jiali Machinery, ChaniVision, Nd Auto, etc.. “2 years ago, there was no such enterprises in Yuyao, and now so many such enterprises are developing fast here in Yuyao, contributing the economic and social development with technological support. It is a good testimonial that Yuyao has been paying great attention to and provide great support for intelligent transformation and upgrading.” Said a representative of Yuyao Economic and Information Technology Bureau.

Since early this year, Yuyao has been fully promoting the 3-year planning of intelligent diagnosis and technological reform of “2 Full Coverages” among industrial enterprises above the designated scale. It is planned that more than 300 intelligent technological transformation projects are to be carried out within 3 years’ time with application of more than 1,500 sets of industrial robots and that 30 intelligent factories are to be developed for full production… Numerous intelligent manufacturers throughout China have come to Yuyao for business opportunities, such as that the first 13 projects, covering industrial robots, systemic integration, IOT, science popularization education and intelligent home living, are to take root in the Yangtze River Delta Robot Mall, about to open right before the coming Fifth China Robotop Summit & Intellectual Economic Talent Summit.

As has been calculated, 199 major projects on “Machine Substitution” have been carried out last year in Yuyao. Enterprises like Konfoong Electronics, Great Group and Laoshi Plastics have developed demonstrative digital workshops. Early this year, Konfoong Electronics has developed the world's first machining line of sputtering targets for integrated circuits, making the workshop an unmanned one but only 2 machine robots and 7 engine lathes, that are engaged in the whole set of complex techniques of processing and testing and so on. What’s more, the intelligent workshop of Konfoong Electronics is developed by ChnaiVision, who has also developed the first digital workshop in the bearing industry for Great Group. In Great Group’s digital workshop, The material transfer is realized by AGV cars;the production lines are equipped with a product traceability system, recording every process of each product. For now, the second development phase of the digital workshops of Konfoong Electronics and Great Group are being designed for implementation. 

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