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The Fifteenth “World Martial Arts Cultural Competition” on counting down
The first preparation conference held by the Organizing Committee of the Competition
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In the afternoon of June 1, the first preparation conference was held for the Fifteenth “World Martial Arts Cultural Competition 2018”, which is to be held in Yuyao, China. The Fifteenth “World Martial Arts Cultural Competition”, to be held at the Siming Lake International Conference Center on the coming August 9, is on counting down. Wang Anjing, Vice Mayor of the Yuyao City attended the Conference.

According to statistics, 689 applicants had applied to take part in the Competition till the end of May. 10 Chin Woo Athletic Federations in China are to organize participants for the Competition and 236 overseas Chin Woo members from 18 countries and districts are coming to Yuyao for the Competition as well.

At the Conference, it was pointed out that since this year’s “World Martial Arts Cultural Competition” is a great chance for Yuyao to become more famous and it is the first time that Yuyao is to hold such a high-level large-scale activity, it is a must that everyone involved to make sure of full support on aspects of water and electricity supply, transportation, food safety, environment sanitation, security and medical services.

It was also required that every functional department take its own responsibilities for the warmest embrace of the grand Competition, work out implementation schemes with the most detailed and the most effective overall covering measures, present the culture and the spirit of Chin Woo with the most pragmatic way and the most resounding voice, provide full services with highest quality to the guests of the Competition in the most economic and reasonable way, showcase the most outstanding and most charming image of Yuyao and make the Competition to be of high quality and strict standards.

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