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The public security bureau carries out a campaign against economic crime
Text Size:A A A 2018-09-01

Last month, a one-month campaign of “Enjoying the Cool & Teaching You to be on Guard” was carried out by Yuyao Public Security Bureau with the purpose of further intensify our efforts to crack down and prevent economic crimes and enhance the public's awareness and ability to prevent them.

In the evening of August 22, Yuyao Public Security Bureau, together with 21 units, including the Finance Administration Office, banks and securities, held a theme campaign on “Refusing the Temptation of High Interest& Enjoying a Happy Old Age” in Lanshu Park. The activity focused on elaboration of illegal economic crimes such as illegal fund-raising, pyramid selling, contract fraud and so on in ways of field inquiry, display panels, publicity materials and police commentary, so as to expose common criminal practices to the public and to effectively enhance the awareness and ability of the masses. A total of 13 display panels were set on the scene; more than 1,000 publicity materials were handed out; over 600 inquiries were answered.

During the very month, numerous campaign activities, centering on economic crime prevention, were held by Yuyao Public Security Bureau.

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