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Promotion of high-quality social security services in full swing
Text Size:A A A 2019-11-13

In recent days, major leaders of the CPC Lanjiang Sub-district Committee and the Lanjiang Sub-district brought their own teams to visit enterprises to promote services on high-quality social security. This is a specific action of the sub-district to organically combine the promotion of high-quality social security development with theme education and “3 Services” so as to handle the problems found in the theme education, comprehensively investigate main problems on social security in the area under its jurisdiction and work out specific improvement. It is also the manifestation of comprehensively safeguarding the rights and interests of enterprises and workers, eliminating hidden dangers of labor conflicts, promoting social fairness and justice, and building a higher level and better social security system.

Social security is the safety net of people’s livelihood and the social stabilizer. However, the data shows that the proportion of employees of enterprises, private non-enterprise units and individual industrial and commercial households having social insurances is not high, which not only affects the fair competition between enterprises and the normal business environment, but also leads to the increase of labor supervision and labor arbitration cases in recent years, and affects the sustainable and healthy development of basic endowment insurance for employees, thus bringing unstable factors to harm economic and social development.

“Under the leadership of major leaders of the CPC Lanjiang Sub-district Committee and the Lanjiang Sub-district, the cadres at all levels in the Sub-district visit enterprises one by one, popularizing the social security law and urge relevant enterprises to improve the social security participation rate of employees.” Yao Zengkan, an employee with the Lanjiang Sub-district Human Resources and Social Security Comprehensive Service Center said. Till now, the Sub-district has delivered policies and regulations from door to door, guided the enterprise to improve the rate of employees’ participation in social insurances, and set a time limit, requiring 37 enterprises in normal operation but without social security registration to complete registration and participate in buying social insurances for employees on time.

Persons in charge of all villages, towns and sub-districts in Yuyao as well as those with Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecology Park, Economic Development Zone and the China Plastic Market Administrative Committee generally recognized that employers’ participation in social insurance is not only the social responsibility and legal obligation, but also the need to create a favorable business environment. To this end, they had strengthened communication and coordination with employers, promote employees’ participation in social insurances as early as possible with detailed and practical plans, and required that the employee insurance rate of each employer should meet targeted requirements, and arrange the schedule right for steady and orderly promotion.

Recently, in order to promote the increase of the rate of employees’ participation in social insurances, the Yuyao Municipal Social Insurance Management Service Center launched the activity of “Social Security Service Month”, with relevant staff working overtime to prepare for the promotion of participation in social security in villages and enterprises. At the same time, the Center focused on popularizing the reform of “ONCE” and the whole process for handling of social security, further optimized the service process, launched new measures to facilitate social security services, solved the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the process of participating in the insurance by organizing training programs, and provided online operation guidance.

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