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A grand celebration held in Yuyao for the Ningbo Famous Historical and Cultural City Day
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A large-scale event of “Glamorous Yuyao with Dreams” was held in the ancient Yangming Town in Yuyao on December 8 for the celebration of the 11th Ningbo Famous Historical and Cultural City Day. Xiang Liqiu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Yuyao Natural Resources & Planning Bureau, delivered a speech at the event. The event attracted up to about a hundred local residents. The working staff introduced the development of “3 famous subjects”, namely a famous historical and cultural city, famous towns and famous villages, and a questionnaire survey was carried out to collect opinions and suggestions of the mass public for the construction of a beautiful and famous city of Yuyao.

Through this activity, we have popularized relevant knowledge on the protection, development and utilization of famous cities, towns and villages, so that the local residents can fully understand the basic situation of the famous historical and cultural city of Yuyao, arouse their lingering nostalgia, and feel the significance of “carrying forward the historical content and protecting the cultural heritage”, which has played a great role for publicity and guidance for the protection and development of a famous city of Yuyao in the future.

Yuyao is known as a famous city in the Southeast China and a famous city of literature and culture. It was founded in the Qin Dynasty and developed into a city in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Yuyao boasts a history of more than 1,800 years and is one of the first of famous historical and cultural cities in Zhejiang Province. In recent years, Yuyao has been paying great attention to the protection of its history and culture and made great achievements on aspects of planning revision, project promotion, and publicity and promotion. Firstly, Yuyao has built a complete planning system for the protection. Protection plans for the famous historical and cultural city of Yuyao, for historical and cultural blocks of Fuqian Road, Wusheng Gate and Baoqing Road, for historical and cultural towns of Liangnong and Linshan, and for historical and cultural villages of Hengkantou, Shilin, Jinguan, Zhongcun, Xiaoyun and Langshuqiao have all been compiled and accepted upon assessment. A perfect and complete planning system for the history and culture has been worked out. Secondly, Yuyao has promoted activation and utilization of historical and cultural heritage via projects. Taking the project for the development of the Yangming Ancient Town as an opportunity, Yuyao has successfully combined urban development with cultural protection. The scheme and planning for the development of the Yangming Ancient Town has been fulfilled. The project is estimated to be invested with a total of 13.9 billion yuan. The kernel area of the Town is composed of 3 regions, namely the Fuqian Road Historical and Cultural Business Zone, Wusheng Gate Yangming Cultural Business Zone, and Longquan Mountain Historical and Cultural Landscape Zone, which has been aiming at developing an international comprehensive leisure and cultural tourism place with first-class services and facilities, integrating tourism, leisure, business exhibition, creative culture and other tourism formats and of favorable characteristics of the hometown of Yangming. Thirdly, Yuyao has realized protection of files of historical buildings with data. Yuyao has established and improved the cultural identity system of the ancient city by integrating resources of the historical and cultural blocks and historical and cultural landscape. Meanwhile, Yuyao has compiled files for record of historical resources and is aiming at working out a “map for the protection of the famous historical and cultural city of Yuyao”. Since 2017, Yuyao has put forth protection planning for two batches of 109 historical buildings in total. (By the Yuyao Construction and Municipal Engineering Division)

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