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Yuyao’s fully preparing for the control of potential floods on 3 aspects of the working staff, supplies and responsibilities
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It was learnt from the Flood and Drought Control Command of the Yuyao Municipal People’s Government yesterday, the Flood and Drought Control Command has been insisting in giving priority to prevention and make good preparations for flood control and typhoon prevention so as to ensure the safety of flood control, starting with the perfection of the institutions, the implementation of responsibilities, the comprehensive investigation of hidden dangers and the establishment of grass-root flood control system.

Due to the major adjustments made to the system and mechanism of flood control and typhoon prevention, the Flood and Drought Control Command has straightened out relevant relations ASAP and put forth the Announcement on Carrying out Inspections on Flood Control, Typhoon Prevention and Hidden Dangers Exclusion, issued by the Flood and Drought Control Command of the Yuyao Municipal People’s Government and the Yuyao Emergency Management Bureau, elaborating the working content. Besides, the Command, together with the Yuyao Water Conservancy Bureau, the Yuyao Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the Yuyao Transportation and Logistic Bureau, the Yuyao Development and Reform Bureau, the Yuyao Agricultural Administration Bureau, the Yuyao Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau and the Yuyao Meteorological Bureau, set up 7 inspection teams for safety checking before potential floods in all villages, towns (sub-districts).

According to the requirements of the Announcement, Yuyao has urged every responsible unit to strengthen special organizations, work out emergency plan (rescue) and make sure measures for transfer and risk avoidance ready. It is required that self-examination and arrangement be carried out as soon as possible, especially on aspects of safety management of reservoirs and ponds, flood discharge of rivers (channels), flood disaster prevention and drainage facilities. In case any hidden safety hazards and key weak links found, we should establish a list of all kinds of hidden dangers, implement the treatment and rectification plan, eliminate blind spots and dead corners, and ensure a safety flood season. On this basis, Yuyao has carried out comprehensive checks and mutual checks on 21 villages and towns (sub-districts), economic development zones and the Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Park’s reserve of flood control materials, preparation of emergency facilities, flood control funds, preparation of disaster prevention and resettlement sites, organization of responsible persons for flood control, operation and management of grass-root flood control system so as to ensure the implementation of main responsibilities, and to strengthen the training of operators and make sure that the work of flood control on duty is done well on the basis of having improved various facilities, improved systems and strengthened responsibilities.

Preliminary statistics show that till now, Yuyao boasts about 157,000 sack bags, 217,000 woven bags, 2,489 life jackets, 30 charge boats, 1,105 rubber boats, 3,508 portable working lights, 574 mobile pumps, shovels and picks, and 49 diggers, 125 dump trucks, 30 bulldozers, sand, stone and other flood prevention materials. 389 emergency groups with a total of 6,423 people have been organized throughout villages and towns (sub-districts). 5 registered non-profit social organizations with up to about 150 volunteers are also ready to serve.

Besides, in order to ensure the normal operation of the Command and enhance the ability of flood control and prevention of typhoon, Yuyao has done well in the maintenance of important equipment such as flood control command and decision-making system and video communication system, established a special fund of 300,000 yuan and 1 working staff, and strengthened contacts with the maintenance units.

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