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“Four-Striving Action” ushers the development zone into a new round of development
Text Size:A A A 2019-05-06

All the working staff of the Yuyao Economic Development Zone and the “Thousand Talents’ Plan” Industrial Park paid a visit to the Smart Valley Robots Town to experience the exciting development and construction boom in the Town and to get to know the development of enterprises that had already taken root in the Town. This very visit is the first activity of the “Four-Striving Action”.

Following the spirit of the Yuyao Mobilization Conference of the “Year of Strivings and Year of Implementation”, the Administrative Committee of the Yuyao Economic Development Zone and the Administrative Center of the “Thousand Talents’ Plan” Industrial Park have made a decision to lift up a new surge of development and to take the lead in high quality economic development with the “Four-Striving Action” of “striving for a faster speed, striving for high quality, striving for new space and striving for real charm” being the carrier.

As for the “striving for a faster speed”, the development zone is to focus on expanding the economic scale, speeding up the recruitment of talents and intelligence, and promoting industrial projects. It is planned that the gross industrial output value is to reach 18 billion yuan and that the industrial added value of enterprises above designated scale is to be increased by over 10%. Meanwhile, the development zone is aiming at developing 39 enterprises valued over 100 million yuan and above and more than 18 “350 Enterprises” and introducing more than 8 new enterprises above designated scale. 100 high-level talents, 40 expert-led projects are to be introduced; the investment for fixed assets would reach 1.15 billion yuan, out of which 700 million yuan are to be invested for industrial development.

While for the “striving for high quality”, the development zone is to focus on improving the benefits per mu, enhancing the industrial level, improving the capability in innovation, accelerating the renovation of land of traditional industrial workshops into space, promoting the “secondary development” of those sites with low efficiency and outcome, improving full utilization of the land and striving for making the added value per mu among enterprises above designated scale exceed 1.1 million yuan; 15 projects for intelligent renovation of the traditional industry are to be carried out. The development zone is striving to realize the increases of the added value of the high-tech industry and of the strategic new rising industry by over 10% and 13% respectively; through the implementation of the three-year plan of action covering all R&D institutions, enterprises are encouraged and guided to increase their investment in innovation. The development zone is planning to establish 69 R&D institutions with enterprises above designated scale and a total investment of 354 million yuan would be invested for R&D.

On “striving for new space”, the development zone would focus on establishing a new platform for industrial development, exploring a new mechanism for the platform integrated with manufacturing, learning and researches, and expanding new channels for fund supply. 7 infrastructure projects with a total investment of 1.55 billion yuan are to be carried out and an annual investment of over 200 million yuan would be made; The roles of the platforms for manufacturing, learning and researches with the Ningbo Research Institute, the Zhejiang University Robotics Institute, and the Robot Industrial Group are to be further and better played for releasing greater vitality and improving the competence of the service industry; overseas financing channels would be further expanded and 2 to 3 overseas bonds are to be released this year.

Therefore, the development zone is to “strive for real charm”, to provide guidance for Party leaders and members to go all out for providing down-to-earth and genuine services for enterprises, to be self-disciplined for creating a first-class service environment for a new round of development by carrying out a series of activities on the “Most Charming Person of the Development Zone”.

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