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The Same Origin & Same Objectives; World Yuyao-born Entrepreneurs for a Happy Yuyao
The Third World Yuyao Entrepreneurs Convention held yesterday
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The Third World Yuyao-born Entrepreneurs Convention was held yesterday and more than 500 Yuyao-born entrepreneurs and talents came from all over the world gathered together, discussing hot topics and potential cooperation for further development while centering on the theme of “Same Origin & Same Objectives; World Yuyao-born Entrepreneurs for a Happy Yuyao”. It further plays the strongest voice of the times when Yuyao-born merchants all over the world are to work together for the high quality development of Yuyao, and jointly create a better future for Yuyao.

Present at the Convention, there were Hu Jun, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and Director of the Ningbo United Front Department, leaders of the Yuyao City, including Xi Ming, Pan Yinhao, Zhu Xiaobei, Chen Changfeng and Ye Zhili, and Sun Juchang, Chairman of Yuyao Charity Federation. There were also distinguished guests, such as Yang Guoping, Chairman and President of Shanghai Dazhong Transportation Co., Ltd., Jiang Laigen, Former Minister of the Military Equipment Department of the General Armament Department of the People's Liberation Army, Huang Dinan, Chairman and Party Secretary of Shenergy Group, Wang Baocai, Deputy Director of Consulting & Research Center Ministry of Natural Resources, Huang Yiping, Vice Dean of the National School of Development, and Zhao Boxiang, Chairman of Yuyao Chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou and Chairman of T.World Group.

Hu Jun, on behalf of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, extended warmest congratulations to the opening of the Third World Yuyao Entrepreneurs Convention and the sincerest greetings and wishes to all Yuyao-born businessmen throughout the world. He said that Ningbo boasts a favorable business environment and Ningbo entrepreneurs are famous throughout the world for doing businesses, that the group of “Ningbo Merchants” is outstanding representatives of Zhejiang Merchants, that the industries and commerce are flourishing in Yuyao and that Yuyao Merchants have always been a major part of the group of “Ningbo Merchants”. For a long time, Ningbo Merchants have been actively responding to Deng Xiaoping’s call to “mobilize the world's ‘Ningbo Merchants’ to develop Ningbo”, actively participating in Ningbo’s modernization construction through various means, and making outstanding contributions to Ningbo’s development. Yuyao entrepreneurs have been vigorously developing the spirit of “Doing Global Business with Credit”, step by step promoting “Made in Yuyao” to the world, and have created a glory belonging to the industry and commerce of Yuyao, injected vitality into the “Ningbo Merchants” in the new era, and made important contributions to the economic and social development of Yuyao and Ningbo as a whole. At present, Ningbo stands on the new step of trillion GDP. The CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee has also put forward the goal of speeding up the construction of “two districts and three cities”, building a national demonstration area for rural revitalization, and building a modern, innovative and high quality ecological city. It’s wished that Yuyao entrepreneurs keep running for venture and innovation, grasp the development trend and take the lead in developing their major businesses better and stronger in the time to come, continue to strengthen their own comprehensive competitiveness for taking the lead in the economic development. It’s also wished that they contribute to the development of their hometown and motherland, integrate their intelligence, achievements, resources and influences with the development of their hometown for helping Yuyao develop further and stronger with their advantages in fund, market, internet and resources, that they always keep both righteousness and benefit, be a model person to take responsibility bravely, integrate the pursuit of economic, social and ecological benefits, be brave to assume social responsibility, run businesses without any violations to law, care for employees, take an active part in glorious undertakings and charitable public welfare activities, and consciously maintain the good image of Yuyao entrepreneurs.

Xi Ming looked back upon the achievements and changes that had been made and happed after the Second Yuyao Entrepreneurs Convention last year. For the past year, Yuyao had been deeply studying and following the important guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work in Ningbo and Zhejiang, taking General Secretary Xi’s important letter reply as a powerful motive force and unswervingly playing a series of high quality combination measures for new breakthroughs and new steps forward. Achievements cannot be achieved without the correct leadership of the superiors, the struggle of the whole city, and the great help of Yuyao entrepreneurs. Xi Ming, on behalf of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, Yuyao Municipal People’s Congress, Yuyao Municipal People’s Government and Yuyao Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference, appreciated all the help from Yuyao entrepreneurs and talents. He noted that Yuyao is to embrace a bright future under the great opportunities of “One Belt One Road”, the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the development of the Great Bay Area and the Qianwan New Zone, etc. It’s hoped that Yuyao entrepreneurs will strive to be the main force in the construction of their hometown, take Yuyao as an important base for investment, venture, R&D and innovation, introduce more and more high-end projects into Yuyao, bring more and more outstanding talents back to Yuyao, and invest more high quality funds in Yuyao for high quality development in Yuyao, that Yuyao entrepreneurs strive to be good friends in providing advices and suggestions for their hometown through various ways. The CPC Yuyao Municipal Party Committee and Yuyao Municipal People’s Government will earnestly absorb and timely study the advices and suggestions for implementation, that Yuyao entrepreneurs strive to be ambassadors to promote their hometown of Yuyao, tell good stories of Yuyao on different occasions, spread Yuyao’s good voices, promote Yuyao’s characteristics, advantages and highlights, and further gather a strong force to leap forward, and that Yuyao entrepreneurs take the lead in making contributions to their hometown, search for enterprise development while taking their social responsibilities for contributing the maximum social value, and carry out most possible public welfare activities for helping the good.

During this year’s World Yuyao Entrepreneurs Convention, Yuyao “Charity Models” Awarding Ceremony was held. At the Ceremony, 20 outstanding Yuyao entrepreneurs in the new era were commended and 24 projects, such as the Langxia Micro and Small Enterprise Park, Weide Old-age Project and Kabei Science and Technology Park, were signed with a total investment of up to 8.75 billion yuan.

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