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Up to about 500 cyclists participate in the Zhejiang Provincial Greater Bay Area Cycling Open Tournament 2019 in the Siming Mountain in Yuyao
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Happy cycling in the colorful Siming Mountain. At 8:30 am in the morning of yesterday, the Zhejiang Provincial Greater Bay Area Cycling Open Tournament (Siming Mountain, Yuyao) 2019 was convened in the Siming Mountain in Yuyao. Up to about 500 cyclists from East China participated in the competition, competing to be the first with the fastest speed and enthusiasm while enjoying the charming landscape along the way during the competition. Present at the opening ceremony, there were leaders of the Sport Bureau of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo Sports Bureau, Wang Anjing, Deputy Mayor of the Yuyao City, and Miao Zhenggang, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Yuyao Municipal Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of the Siming Mountain Tourism and Recreation Zone.

Zhejiang Provincial Greater Bay Area Cycling Open Tournament 2019 is the only large-scale cycling competition in Zhejiang Province that lasts for 1 month and is held across 4 districts and counties. The Tournament is named after the “Greater Bay Area” and aims at developing a characteristic brand competition, promoting the development of urban culture in Zhejiang Province, strengthening the fitness consciousness among the mass public and improving the influence of all participating cities while making full use of the geological advantages of “one ring, one belt and one corridor” of the Zhejiang Greater Bay Area.

The competition held in the Siming Mountain is the third stop of the Tournament and is organized by the Sport Bureau of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo Sports Bureau and Yuyao Municipal People’s Government, and undertaken by the Zhejiang Sports Competition Center, the Administrative Committee of Siming Mountain Tourism and Recreation Zone, Yuyao, and Yuyao Culture, Radio, TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau. Participants of the competition are mainly cycling enthusiasts. 38 teams of competitors participated in the competition, starting at the gate of the Siming Mountain, cycling along the most charming provincial-level road of Huxi Line, Libai Line and getting to the finish line in the Siming Mountain National Forest Park. The whole distance is about 41 kilometers with a cumulative climb of 1,249 meters. The average slope is 1.967% and the elevation drop is about 797 meters. Different from the first 2 races of the Tournament, no prizes would be granted so that cyclists are able to better stimulate their potential in a higher level of competitive atmosphere and enjoy the joy of cycling.

Siming Mountain is not only a “red” mountain with a glorious revolutionary history, but a “green” mountain with charming landscape. In recent years, Yuyao has been fully promoting the development of tourism infrastructure in the Siming Mountain area under the opportunity of developing the Siming Mountain in an all-round way, and has carried out a series of competitions, such as Off-road Mountain Marathon and cycle racing and so on thanks to its geological advantages of the Siming Mountain, thus making itself better known to the outside world.

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