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The review of the first visit to the “hometowns of pragmatism ideologists” in Yuyao, inheriting and popularizing the pragmatism ideology and stimulating the inner power for social development
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Yuyao boasts numerous Yuyao-born talents. Of all pragmatism ideologists in China, there were Wang Yangming, Huang Zongxi and Zhu Shunshui who were born in Yuyao.

We will carry forward the thinking and spirit of the ancient talents. In recent years, Yuyao, being the hometown of many pragmatism ideologists, has been integrating the Chinese pragmatism ideology more and better into all aspects of the society, production and daily life, deeply excavated the historical and cultural value of pragmatism ideology, extracted and selected a group of prominent local cultural elements of pragmatism ideology and iconic symbols, built a cultural brand, and contributed to the development of a modern innovative ecological city of Yuyao.

From May 30 to May 31, the destination of the first visit to the “hometowns of pragmatism ideologists”, organized by the Chinese Society of Shixue, is Yuyao, which has greatly encouraged Yuyao for higher quality development.

To learn from ideologies with wise men of the past

The report of the 19th CPC National People’s Congress required that we deeply excavate the ideological concepts, humanistic spirit and moral norms contained in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, inherit and innovate in accordance with the requirements of the times, so that the Chinese culture can show its permanent charm and style of the times.

Huang Zongxi is one of the Top 10 ideologists in ancient China. In the mid-17th Century, he put forward the ideas of “statecraft and pragmatism” and “giving priority to the world instead of the kings”. In recent years, Yuyao has been deeply excavating the value of the times of Huang Zongxi’s ideology and repaired and reconstructed many historical remains, including the “Longhu Caotang”. A series of international academic seminars and other activities on Huang Zongxi's thoughts have been held for many times and a TV art film of Huang Zongxi has been filmed and broadcasted. Yuyao’s also following spirits of “be an official on behalf of the people” and “always looking up to pragmatism” while developing itself in an all-round way. From May 30 to May 31, “Absorbing Historical and Cultural Resources & Serving Contemporary Governance” & the Activity of Visits to the “Hometowns of Pragmatism Ideologists” in Yuyao, organized by the Chinese Society of Shixue and the Central Party School Press, was held in Yuyao, and Yuyao, hometown of Huang Zongxi, is the first visit of this very Activity.

During the Activity, a series of activities, including a theme report conference on “Huang Zongxi’s Thoughts & Contemporary Enlightenment”, a Summarization and Promotion Conference on the Implementation of “Moral Bank”, interviews with entrepreneurship mentors, and a field visit of “Following the Steps of Wise Men of the Past and Experiencing the Beauty of Yuyao”, were held so as to better learn the spirit of a congratulation letter written by Xi Jinping on March 28, 2006 on the holding of “International Symposium on Huang Zongxi’s People-oriented Thoughts” in Yuyao, summarize and promote the inheritance, development and innovation of pragmatism ideologies in Yuyao, make further and full use of the value of pragmatism ideologies for the development of a national historical and cultural city of Yuyao.

Wang Jie, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Shixue and a professor of the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C (National Academy of Governance), said: “The first visit to the ‘hometowns of pragmatism ideologists’ in Yuyao is designated to further excavate systemically the profound historical and cultural resources and to integrate these pragmatism ideologies combined with knowledge and practice into the social, economic and cultural development as well as people’s daily lives.”

Excellent culture fosters good manners

In Yuyao, the essence of “unity of knowledge and action” and “people-oriented thoughts” advocated by Wang Yangming, Huang Zongxi and other outstanding practical ideologists has deeply influenced generations and generations in the long river of history, and has become an important source of accumulating profound urban culture and stimulating endogenous power of high quality development.

Excellent culture fosters good manners. The “Moral Bank”, first of its kind throughout China, is aiming at fostering good manners in accordance with the core values of Chinese socialism.

The “Moral Bank” is a carrier and service platform jointly launched by the Publicity Department of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, Yuyao Municipal Civilization Office and Yuyao Rural Commercial Bank. It is to deepen the moral construction of rural citizens. Through the combination of “morality” and "”credit”, it supports farmers to start their own businesses and thus becoming rich. Till this April, a total of more than 27.8 thousand farmers have enjoyed credit loans of 2.312 billion yuan from the “Moral Bank”, which is now of great popularity among the mass public. Besides, Yuyao has also come up with the “Moral Green Card” to show more respect and provide better services to people with good manners so that a civilized environment of “good manners bring favorable treatments” has been developed.

“Yuyao’s ‘moral bank’ guarantees credit with morality and feeds morality with credit, which is a fresh experience in the construction of spiritual civilization in the new era.” It was said so at the Summarization and Promotion Conference on the Implementation of “Moral Bank”. The “Moral Bank” is of universal popularization value and has become the consensus of experts, scholars, ideology promoters and representatives of financial institutions. The favorable experience learnt from and good measures taken for the development of the “Moral Bank” in Yuyao is to be popularized throughout China.

Li Zhongyin, Former Deputy Director of the Training Department of the Party School of the Central Committee, suggested that we well advertise and popularize the “Moral Bank”, improve and perfect the platform for sharing of public credit information, strengthen development of individual credit, innovate measures for credit, improve the satisfaction from the development of the credit system and continue to develop a favorable environment of honesty and creditability.

The thoughts for pragmatism and on the unity of knowledge and practice are of great importance for the contemporary social governance to learn from. The “Moral Bank” advocates a social atmosphere of “good manners bring favorable treatments”. The flower of morality is to flourish in Yuyao.

Practical thoughts promote the upsurge of entrepreneurship and innovation

The practice-characterized pragmatism ideology has been influencing more and more entrepreneurs, thus contributing the high quality economic development in Yuyao.

In 2018, Yuyao boasted a total local GDP of 110.508 billion yuan, an increase of 8% year-on-year in terms of comparable prices, ranking among first counties (sub-cities and districts) in Ningbo. Yuyao’s manufacturing industry is well developed. In 2018, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated scale added up to 33.675 billion yuan with an annual increase of 10%. The growth rate is in the forefront of all counties (sub-cities and districts) in Ningbo. Yuyaonese also created a miracle of “out of thin air”. Not even 1g of plastics is produced in Yuyao, but Yuyao has successfully held 20 sessions of China Plastics Expo, which is a leading expo of the plastics industry in China.

The promotion of pragmatism ideologies is helpful to the development of venture and innovation in Yuyao. Interviews with entrepreneurship mentors were also held during the Activity. Entrepreneurship mentors, together with more than a hundred youth entrepreneurs and directors of commercial banks had a theme discussion on “inheriting venture ideologies for better development of micro and small enterprises” and exchanged ideas on how to solve problems that micro and small enterprises are facing with.

“The pragmatism ideology is a major content of the outstanding Chinese traditional culture. The holding of this very Activity is providing a carrier of great significance for the promotion of ‘innovative transformation and development’ of outstanding traditional Chinese culture and has helped Yuyao develop a very innovative platform for popularization of pragmatism ideologies in Yuyao.” The official with the Publicity Department of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee said.

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