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The Collection of Folk Stone Windows in Yuyao published
Text Size:A A A 2019-07-16

The Collection of Folk Stone Windows in Yuyao has been published lately. The author of the Collection is Zhao Jianrong, a journalist of Yuyao Daily. Once the Collection is published, it draws attention and wins praise from cultural and historical researchers, collectors of cultural relics and artists and craftsmen in Yuyao.

This book is based on classification of pictures that Zhao Jianrong has taken over more than 20 years, revealing his research results of folk stone windows in Yuyao. Zhao Jianrong divided more than 100 pictures of stone windows representing the artistic style and artistic characteristics of Yuyao folk stone windows into five categories, namely “curly grass”, “characters & animals”, “geometric flowers”, “calligraphy and paintings”, and “immortals’ eight treasures”. He also interprets the artistry, practicability and expressiveness of stone windows, and puts forth some new ideas. This book is able to help people to get to know the styles of stone windows of Yuyao folk houses in the Qing Dynasty. It also provides valuable information for researchers and enthusiasts of folk stone window art. Meanwhile, it puts forward some suggestions on how to inherit and protect the precious heritage of stone window art in Yuyao. Besides, the book also contains a selection of Yuyao folk brick windows and stone windows in adjacent areas, which is worth seeing.

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