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Yuyao tries its best to cope with the peak of application for social security subsidy for flexible employment
Text Size:A A A 2019-07-08

Recently, influenced by the adjustment of employment assistance policy, the counter of Yuyao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau at the Yuyao Municipal Administrative Service Center and the counters within public service centers of all villages, towns and sub-districts in Yuyao have ushered in the peak of application for flexible employment and social security subsidies. On the first 3 working days of this July, a total of 1,063 applications were made for social security subsidy for flexible employment, i.e., 354 applications daily on average with significant growth as compared to that of last month. It is estimated that over 4,000 applications are to be made this July. In order to serve the mass public to the greatest extent and avoid emergencies, Yuyao Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has formulated plans for emergency response, took a number of measures to prepare in advance for active response, and the counters generally fun smoothly.

Firstly, to strengthen professional guidance. Considering the fact that services for application of social security subsidies for flexible employment is available in villages and towns (sub-districts) only for a short period of time, and that grass-root workers are not yet quite skilled in assessment and approval of these applications, problems may occur upon mass acceptances, thus online Q&A personnel are specially arranged to solve the problems encountered in the actual operation of villages and towns (sub-districts) in a timely manner. Meanwhile, the distribution of more than 4,000 household registration data was analyzed in advance, and the villages, towns (sub-districts) were informed to prepare for emergencies according to the number of applicants in Yuyao.

Secondly, to improve service efficiency. The working staff is required to check whether the computer and printer work properly every day before a day’s work so as to avoid software or hardware problems leading to failure of acceptance of applications. Leaders on duty at the counters are required to stay onsite to maintain order and deal with emergencies at any time. Guidance providers and supporting personnel have been organized to provide guidance, help the waiting mass applicants with filling in application forms, answer applicants’ questions, copy materials, and the backstage supporting personnel have been organized to help the working staff on application counters to help with application acceptance at the counters when there’s a surge of applications from the mass public.

Thirdly, to strengthen inspections. In order to prevent mistakes from happening during busy work, a special person has been arranged to conduct a centralized review of the received applications, checking whether the applicant participates in social security as required, whether they are eligible for flexible employment social security subsidy, whether the registration contents on the system are correct, and reminding operators to fulfill approval of applications in time so as to avoid any yellow-card or red-card warnings.

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