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“A dinner dish” turns into leisure snacks; Yuyao mustard pickle effectively upgraded
Text Size:A A A 2019-09-19

Recently, Zhejiang Beidefu Food Co., Ltd., one of the leading mustard pickle processing enterprises in Yuyao, has produced another batch of leisure food, including the “aviation mustard” for orders from aviation enterprises, including the Eastern Airlines and Southwest Airlines. “Traditional mustard pickles are highly salted, but now our products contain very low salt. They can be eaten as snacks directly to meet people’s demand for low salt.” Ruan Yinfu, General Manager of the Zhejiang Beidefu Food Co., Ltd., said.

As a traditional high-salted food in people’s eyes, mustard pickle is usually regarded as “food for a meal”. With the development of the times, the demand for low-salt, low-sugar, low-oil and other healthy diets in the consumer market is increasing, and the traditional mustard pickle industry is constantly trying to innovate and improve its quality.

As is introduced by Zheng Lidong, Deputy Chief of the Industrial Section of the Yuyao Agricultural and Rural Bureau, in recent years, Yuyao has invested a total of over 1 billion yuan for technological research and development as well as for technological transformation, not only helping to improve ways of producing mustard pickles by using food-grade film, but also taking the initiative to promote Pasteurization Technology in the mustard pickle processing industry.

Since Year 2001, mustard pickle processing enterprises in Yuyao have been applying the Pasteurization Technology. After sterilization and disinfection at high temperature, the mustard pickle can meet the requirements of commercial aseptic standard and can extend its shelf life to one year without adding any preservatives. In 2005, Yuyao put forth Local Standards for Mustard Pickle Production in Yuyao, making the Pasteurization Technology a must while producing mustard pickles.

Now, our mustard pickle processing enterprises adopt modern production mode instead of the original labor-intensive mode, which reduces the workload and costs, improves product quality and ensures product safety.

In 2018, the implementation of the 3-Year Planning for the Enhancement of the Mustard Pickle Industry in Yuyao was in full swing, consolidating and enhancing the development of traditional characteristic industry of mustard pickle in Yuyao. Nowadays, the value of the public brand of “Mustard Pickle Made in Yuyao” reaches high up to 7.187 billion yuan, ranking No. 5 among all regional public brands of the agricultural industry in China, and the brand sales of mustard pickle account for more than 80% of the total.

“By 2020, the annual total output value of mustard pickle processing industry in Yuyao is expected to reach more than 3.5 billion yuan, out of which over 2 billion yuan would be the total output value of the whole industrial chain and more than 1.5 billion yuan would be the annual output value of the supporting industries. It is estimated that the annual income for farmers will be increased by more than 350 million yuan in the future.” Zheng Lidong said, for the next step, Yuyao is to further develop the “golden brand” of “Mustard Pickle Made in Yuyao”, to improve the influence of the brand of “Mustard Pickle Made in Yuyao”, to explore international markets and to walk out a road of our own for the development of the “mustard pickle industry in Zhejiang province”.

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