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Deployment for forest fire control and potential fire fighting made during the National Day holiday
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On September 20, the staff of the Yuyao Municipal Forest Fire Control and Fire Fighting Command came to Lanjiang Sub-district walkway and key areas with hidden fire hazards to carry out forest fire control and fire fighting supervision, pointing out problems on the spot and demanding rectifications in place.

In order to well carry out forest fire prevention and potential fire fighting during the National Day and ensure the safety of forest resources throughout the city, recently, Yuyao has been paying close attention to the implementation of various safety precautions, established a long-term mechanism so as to prevent potential fire hazards and develop a strong line of forest safety defense and a safe and stable environment for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Establish leadership supervision mechanism and strengthen multi-department cooperation. A special leadership group for forest fire prevention and fire fighting has been set up in Yuyao, which is headed by the Standing Deputy Mayor, and composed of members of departments in charge of emergency management, natural resources and planning, culture, radio, television, tourism, sports, civil affairs, market supervision, agricultural and rural areas, meteorology, ethnic religious affairs, and power supply and so on, to supervise, guide and coordinate forest fire prevention and potential fire fighting throughout the city during the National Day holiday. Meanwhile, Yuyao has also set up 5 inspection teams to conduct on-site inspections of 19 towns and sub-districts with forest resources in Yuyao, focusing on safety issues such as forest rescue mechanism, water diversion project, fire prevention responsibility, hidden danger investigation and management, and walkways, and requesting relevant villages, towns and sub-districts to rectify in case any problems within a time limit.

Establish publicity and education mechanism to raise people’s awareness of forest fire prevention. Yuyao Municipal Forest Fire Control and Fire Fighting Command insists on putting forward weekly information such as “No Fire in the Field during High Temperature, No Smoking in Forest Areas, Strengthening Supervision of Use of Fire in Agriculture, Strengthening Fire Administration for Offering Sacrifices to Gods or Ancestors” and sending it to forest rangers, forest administrative village secretaries (directors), directors of conservation and mediation, tourism sites, farmers and other responsible persons, requesting them to strengthen the wilderness fire inspection and make full use of television, network and other media to publicize forest fire prevention knowledge, enhance public awareness of fire prevention. Every village, town and sub-district shall establish forest fire prevention and fire fighting billboards, hang banners and slogans along highways, mountain entrances and important section, organize forest volunteer rangers, forest fire prevention and fire fighting volunteers and grass-root forestry cadres to visit villages and forests, publicize fire prevention and fire fighting knowledge to people and remind citizens to consciously safeguard forest safety.

Establish hidden danger investigation mechanism to ensure “no loopholes” and “no dead corners”. Yuyao requires relevant units to self-check and self-rectify the implementation of 7 aspects of responsibilities, publicity and education, fire source management, contingent deployment, material reserve, plan formulation and duty dispatch, and organize forces to carry out a large-scale investigation of hidden fire dangers in forest in 19 villages, towns, sub-districts and state-owned forests in Yuyao. In the investigation, a total of 35 potential fire hazards were found in the investigation, including those in walkways and scenic spots. A list of potential fire hazards has been drafted to make clear responsible persons and the time for rectification, and the closed-loop management of potential fire hazards has been carried out.

Establish emergency response mechanism and improve emergency response capability. Since September 1, all kinds of forest fire brigades in Yuyao have conducted emergency drills. They have strengthened their duty, adhered to the leadership system and the 24-hour response duty system, and grasped the forest fire situation in their jurisdiction in a timely and comprehensive manner. At the same time, villages, towns and sub-districts should strengthen equipment debugging and team development, strictly implement the forest fire reporting system, adhere to the “fire must be reported” and “grid report” system, maintain 24-hour communication, ensure timely actions for fire fighting, and achieve the goal of “responses at an early stage and eliminate the problem in its infancy”.

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