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Rural collective assets clearance and capital verification carried out in Yuyao
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The lease management of village-level assets and resources is lacking of standardization, and part of the rent collection is not in time... Facing these problems, the Party Working Committee and Office of the Fengshan Sub-district lately put forth Management Measures for Village-level Market Leasing (Contracting) in Fengshan Sub-district and Regulations on the Management of Village-level Collective Economic Contracts in Fengshan Sub-district, standardizing the leasing of village-level assets and clarifying the methods for investigating the liabilities of relevant responsible persons. This is the result of carrying out rural collective assets clearance and capital verification in Yuyao.

Since May this year, Yuyao has been carrying out rural collective assets clearance and capital verification so as to cope with the nonstandard management of rural collective funds, rural collective assets and rural collective resources”. Once a problem is found, its required to thoroughly rectify the problem and find out reasons at the institutional level. Through the establishment of rules and regulations, its required to further standardize the use and management of village-level funds and assets, strictly enforce financial discipline, and take the opportunity of clearing up assets and verifying capital as an opportunity to carry out detailed tasks, strict checks and standardize financial management in an all-round way.

On one hand, Yuyao has been strengthening training and education of rural financial persons, supervising and assisting village financial officers to properly examine and approve financial revenues and expenditures; on the other hand, Yuyao has been strengthening the professional training of accounting cashiers, constantly enrich and update the knowledge of financial management, timely grasp and understand the substantial content of the relevantly large revenue and expenditure transactions in the village, and earnestly exercise the responsibilities and obligations of accounting supervision.

Meanwhile, Yuyao has carried out the examination of economic contracts in villages, and those responsible for economic losses caused by irregularities in the signing of contracts shall bear the responsibility; in the course of contract review, if it is found that the relevant responsible person neglects his duty or engages in malpractices for personal gain, which results in the loss of village collective assets and resources, the local township (sub-district) discipline (working) committee shall take the lead in investigating and dealing with it; if the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to the law. In case it is difficult to collect the rent of collective assets in each village, we should arrange the joint village working group to supervise the village, discuss issues one by one, and analyze and crack it one by one. For those who are unprovoked in arrears of rent, the villages are required to safeguard their collective rights and interests through judicial channels and with legal weapons.

In view of the high proportion of dividends in some villages and the non-standard way of storing huge funds in villages, the relevant villages and towns (sub-districts) should implement the village-level collective income distribution system and pay close attention to the implementation of the system, requiring the villages to formulate implementation plans for dividends and welfare distribution in advance, and report them to the villages and towns (sub-districts) for examination and record. Only after the approval of the township (sub-district) examination and approval can welfare be granted according to the regulations. For village-level capital bank storage, a competitive deposit scheme of village-level capital has been worked out. For the next step, the form of tendering and bidding according to the scheme would be adopted, selecting the winning bank to store funds for the prevention of conflicts of interest and interest transmission and for improving the efficiency of village-level funds.

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