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More precise measures taken by Yuyao with richer contents make the poverty alleviation in Wangmo effective
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Recently, the reporter learned at the Yuyao-Wangmo East-West Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Exchange Conference that since the beginning of this year, Yuyao has precisely been helping Wangmo County in Guizhou to get rid of poverty. Through all-round docking of talents, industrial development and consumption, Wangmo County has taken the lead in Guizhou Province in many indicators and won high praise from the CPC Wangmo County Committee, Wangmo People’s Government and the people of the whole county.

The supporting measures have been more precise. In 2019, Yuyao invested 53 million yuan of financial assistance funds to help Wangmo County implement 19 projects such as infrastructure, industrial development and cadre training. Till now, 19 construction projects have been started and are expected to be completed in the coming November. 6 enterprises have been introduced and 6 projects have been implemented. The actual capital in place is 210 million yuan, which has led to 533 poverty-stricken people's income increase; a direct sales shop of characteristic agricultural products of Wangmo has been opened in Yuyao, especially centering on projects of planting grass and raising cattle, and the plan of “introducing products of Guizhou to the outside world” has been promoted, setting up 4 stores on mountain-running cattle in Yuyao; agricultural products promotion activities have been carried out 3 times, with cumulative sales amounting to more than 1 million yuan, an increase of more than 10% over the same period of last year. Wangmo County Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. and its 15 branches (sub-companies) take Yuyao Labor Collaboration Service Station as a platform to organize and guide the export of labor services, encourage the training and employment of poor laborers, and have exported 1,118 laborers from poor families to eastern cities.

The supporting content has been richer. Yuyao has made clear 7 villages and towns (sub-districts) to help 7 poor townships in Wangmo County, signed a pairing assistance agreement, invested 2.05 million yuan of support funds in 2018, and implemented 10 projects. At present, 8 projects have been completed and 2 are under construction; in 2019, 2.05 million yuan of aid funds have been put in place, which has effectively promoted poverty alleviation in poor villages and towns in Wangmo County. The education and health departments of the two places signed agreements on education and medical assistance, clarifying that 29 schools, including Yuyao Middle School, are to help 68 schools such as Wangmo County Minority Middle School, and 16 medical institutions such as Yuyao People's Hospital are to help 16 medical institutions such as Wangmo County People's Hospital, thus realizing supporting for primary and secondary schools and township health centers in Wangmo County, covering in-depth education, medical technology exchanges and talent support in an all-round way. 49 enterprises in Yuyao paired to help 42 extremely poor villages in Wangmo County, achieving full coverage of the action of "ten thousand enterprises helping ten thousand villages". Each village in Yuyao would invest 100,000 yuan for poverty alleviation in villages in Wangmo annually for 3 consecutive years.

At present, the funds for village-enterprise pairing assistance in Year 2018 and 2019 have been put in place, totaling 8.4 million yuan. Relying on the "government-led and social participation" poverty alleviation model, Yuyao actively promotes the use of the "social poverty alleviation network" of the National Poverty Alleviation Office, mobilizing trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation, the Disabled People's Federation and the Red Cross to actively participate in pairing assistance. The two cities jointly launched the promotion of the China Poverty Alleviation Network, a large-scale social assistance activity themed "Hand in Hand for Mutual Help and for Becoming Rich.", not only having created a good social support atmosphere, but also reflecting the love of the Yuyao city, and having made great achievements. In 2018, Wangmo County received a total of 10.5639 million yuan for social assistance from the eastern paired provinces; this year, it has received 7.39 million yuan.

With the help of Yuyao, Wangmo County organizes and guides the masses to go out to work. In Yuyao, Guiyang, Guangdong and so on, labor service cooperation service stations (points) have been set up, and the Party branches, sub Party branches and Party groups have been set up to give full play to the political leading role of the Party organizations in the work of labor export. Through the development of system software, we can accurately grasp the file-building of labor force. The employment dynamics of poor and new residents have effectively promoted the training and employment of poor labor force, which is in Zhejiang province. In accordance with the principle of "government guidance, social participation, precise assistance and practical results", Yuyao and Wangmo have made great efforts to build the brand of "Yuyao-Wangmo Aid" social assistance, formulated the "Yao Wang Aid" social assistance project implementation plan, formulated the Scheme for the Implementation of “Yuyao-Wangmo Aid” Social Assistance Projects and actively carrying out activities of "assisting doctors, teachers, the disabled and the poor".

With the help of Yuyao, since the beginning of this year, Wangmo County has built a "group of roads" of 994 kilometers. Rural safe drinking water projects for 124,400 people have been completed and 374 new and renovated 4G base stations have been set up with a total investment of 50 million yuan. It’s planned to build and renovate 241.87 kilometers of 10kV lines, 109.39 kilometers of low-voltage lines and 57 transformers in rural distribution network, involving 57 projects of 77.8086 million yuan. The poverty alleviation for 52,801 people by changing their places has been fulfilled, having built the following service guarantee positions of infrastructure, such as Tong’angyang Kindergarten, Pantaoyuan Community Service Center, New Era Civilization Practice Center, Senior Citizens Activity Center, Cultural Sports Activity Center, Health Office, and Jinxiufang Poverty Alleviation Workshop, etc. Shanshui Shoe Factory and Zhiteng Craft have provided more than 330 job vacancies, and more than 50% of the vacancies have been occupied by the poor.

In terms of industrial poverty alleviation, Wangmo County has made every effort to promote industrial restructuring in the dam area, covering more than 500 mu. At present, 7 of them have been included in the planning for construction, and 4 of them have been paid with the most attention and have already been started this year. Among them, Daguan Dam area is mainly planting vegetables and high-quality rice; Lekuan Dam area is mainly planting plants to be made into traditional Chinese medicines; Lewang Dam area is mainly developing eight-step purple tea nursery garden; Kanbian Dam area mainly develops ecological fish farming. The sales volume of agricultural products was 29.1519 million yuan. A total of 5.604 million yuan was granted to 3,391 impoverished students. We signed with 18 cooperatives and one company to purchase 14.44 million yuan of agricultural products from poor areas. 8 projects of poverty alleviation and relocation (transformation and expansion) to build schools have been implemented. The coverage rate of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents of poor people on record reached 100%. The settlement and reimbursement system of the "diagnosis and treatment first payment later" and "one-stop" has been fully implemented. Appointed hospitals, schemes for diagnosis and treatment, and charges for individual diseases are available for 27 major diseases of 21 categories for the poor. Family doctor contract management service account for the classification of chronic diseases management services has been established. Medical reimbursement policy has been well implemented, and the actual proportion of hospital expenses compensation reached 91.09%. 152 households were assigned the task of "critical reform", 132 households have been started and 94 households completed. The special renovation of ventilation and rain leakage of old houses in rural areas has started in 1,754 households, and 1,300 households have been completed with a completion rate of 78.60%.

Employment poverty alleviation has achieved initial results. Since the beginning of this year, Wangmo County has organized the export of labor force of 3,139 people for employment, 1,441 out of whom are from poor households; 7,354 poor labor force have had access to training programs, accounting for 107.64% of the annual task number of 6,832; 3,228 people completed the training on being new citizens, accounting for 72.13% of the task number; 4,444 people got employed and start up their own business after the training programs, making the employment rate reaching 64.58%; enterprises, cooperatives, farming and raising farms have been guided and encouraged to absorb 1,324 people of poor households and new citizens for local employment.

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