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The construction of rural agricultural modernization contributes to the rural revitalization
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Lately, right after the Yuyao Pickle, the whole industrial chain of tea in Yuyao has been selected into the whole agricultural demonstration chain with a value of more than 1 billion yuan in Zhejiang Province. This is one of the major achievements for rural revitalization in Yuyao while insisting on green development, brand operation, scientific and technological assistance for full promotion of rural industrial modernization.

The revitalization of agricultural industry is an important part of rural revitalization. For a long time, Yuyao has earnestly implemented the deployment and requirements of the higher authorities on the work of “rural areas, agriculture and farmers”, vigorously promoted the construction of agricultural modernization, and achieved fruitful results in the work on “rural areas, agriculture and farmers”. On February 28, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a reply to all the Party members of the Hengkantou Village in Yuyao. Since then, Yuyao has taken the interaction and innovation of “1 Zone and 2 Counties” (National Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone, Provincial Charming Countryside Demonstration County and Ministry-Province Leading Rural Revitalization Demonstration County) as the measures to deepen the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture while persisting in the high efficient, ecological, green and integrated development to realize agricultural effectiveness and increase farmers’ income.

Yuyao now boasts a major layout, composed of a forest industrial area in the southern mountainous area, a characteristic planting area in East Yuyao, a major grain production area and an ecological fishery development area in West Yuyao, and a vegetable processing area in North Yuyao, and 10 characteristic agricultural industries, including processed vegetable, water bamboos, aquatic products, livestock and poultry, red maple, bamboo shoots, tea, waxberries, pears and grapes. Yuyao enjoys a good reputation as the hometown of 10 characteristic famous products, including Chinese waxberry, and owns a total of 221 municipal-level and above brands, ranking the first in Ningbo. Yuyao pickled vegetable and Yuyao waxberry win honors of “Top 10 Most Influential Brands” and “Top 10 Brands of Historical Value” in Zhejiang respectively; the regional public brand of “Siming Quality Goods” has been successfully registered, and the revenue of brand agricultural products accounted for 80% of the total agricultural revenue in Yuyao.

Build a strong platform and enhance new momentum for development. Yuyao will strengthen the construction of modern agricultural parks, promote major projects, broaden circulation channels, and increase new momentum for development. The coastal modern agriculture pilot zone is one of the national demonstration zones, and 21 towns (sub-districts) have established modern agricultural service centers. The Zhengda Zhongtai Eco Agricultural Park (state level) with a total investment of 1.7 billion yuan has completed the construction of its second phase, and the Zhengda “Belt & Road” Trading Headquarters is located in the Park. The project of “Field of Hope · Hengkantou Rural Complex” was launched in an all-round way, in which the Green Collar College has been carrying out training programs for farmers in the new era. At the same time, a two-way circulation channel of “online goods sold to villages” and “agricultural products sold to cities” has been developed. 2 platforms of “Charming Siming Mountain” and “Yuyao Pavilion with Chinese Characteristics” have been developed to integrate the resources of characteristic agricultural products in Yuyao. The annual trade volume reached up to more than 63 million yuan. 35 specialized e-commerce villages and 11 Tmall premium service stations have been built, and the network of rural cooperative village level service agencies providing “one-stop” service has been improved.

Take the green development road and promote the new level of industry. Yuyao has been insisting on highly effective, ecological and green development and fully cultivating industrial competitiveness and advantages. Yuyao has carried out actions for further development of the 3 traditional advantageous industries of pickled vegetable, waxberry and tea as well as the characteristic economic industry in the region of Siming Mountain. Yuyao is fully cultivating 3 industrial clusters valued 500 million yuan, 1 billion yuan and 2 billion yuan respectively and actively implementing the action of “1 Brand per Town & 1 Industry per Town”. Series of large-scale activities, such as the Hemudu Agriculture Exposition, China Soft-shelled Turtle Festival and Waxberry Festival, have been held and Yuyao has been organizing farmers and agricultural subjects to attend major exhibitions and all kinds of competitions in and out of China. Improve the “five systems” of quality and safety supervision, inspection, traceability, standards and social governance of agricultural products, and promote standardized production of agricultural products and the management of “3 Products and 1 Indication” (pollution-free agricultural products, green products, organic agricultural products and agro-product geographical indications) so as to develop a provincial agricultural product quality and safety assured county.

Promote integration and enhance industrial cohesion. Yuyao has been insisting on integrated development of the first, second and third industries and dedicating to industrial “chain building, supplementation, extension, strengthening and integration”. 3 provincial demonstrative whole industrial chains for pickled vegetables, tea and aquatic products have been developed and industrial chains for grapes, waxberries, persimmon, dried bamboo shoots and bamboo ware have been gradually developing. The transition of “2 Mountains” is being accelerated for transformation of charming village construction into charming landscape economy.

Yuyao boasts 3 national traditional villages, 4 provincial and above famous villages of long histories and profound culture, 1 provincial traditional village, 2 municipal famous villages of long histories and profound culture, 6 municipal and above demonstrative villages and towns with charming landscape, 6 routes with beautiful scenery, 17 demonstrative villages, and 18 provincial 3A-level scenic villages, and has deepen the achievements of national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration villages, vigorously guided the healthy development of the new format of “beautiful countryside + beautiful garden + delicious agricultural products”, developed 3 national routes of recommended leisure agriculture, 10 municipal routes of characteristic agriculture and 5 “clusters” of rural home-stays.

To do what is good for the benefits of the mass public and for common prosperity. Yuyao has been focusing on common prosperity of the mass public. Factor supporting has been strengthened and 67 kinds of policy agricultural insurance have been developed with a premium of 59.63 million yuan and an annual insurance amount of 2.17 billion yuan. A total of 38 local experts have been invited to promote advanced experience and technologies to help the development of agriculture. The reform of the rural property rights system is being deepened gradually and a new type of rural property rights “supermarket” has been developed, which will be under full operation in 2020. A real-time dynamic monitoring system for the “funds, assets and resources in rural collective economy” has been added, and a 3-color early warning mechanism for the “funds, assets and resources in rural collective economy” has been established to further improve the supervision of “funds, assets and resources in rural collective economy”.

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