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The 18th Siming Mountain Danshan Chishui Persimmon Festival opens
Text Size:A A A 2020-10-16

Autumn’s coming and persimmons are turning red. The Opening Ceremony of the 18th Siming Mountain Danshan Chishui Persimmon Festival was held in the Shilin Village, Dalan Town. Miao Zhenggang, Vice Chairman of the Yuyao Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference and Director of the Administrative Committee of the Siming Mountain Tourism Resort, attended the opening ceremony. Representatives of famous travel agencies and relevant scenic spots in Yuyao and Ningbo as well as those tourism media friends from Shanghai and Suzhou and so on were invited to participate in the opening ceremony.

In the pleasant autumn, you will find that strings of red persimmons hanging on branches of persimmon trees in mountains and valleys of the Shilin Village of Dalan Town are like red beaming lanterns. Under the bright blue sky and next to white walls and black tiles, it’s of great joy to see red persimmons amid lush mountains in the old, elegant and quite village.

This year’s Persimmon Festival, organized by the Administrative Committee of the Siming Mountain Tourism Resort, the Yuyao Municipal Culture, Broadcasting, TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau, and the People’s Government of Dalan Town, is to last until end of the coming November. During the festival, a series of activities, including a leisure market, a bonfire party, Hanfu Week, Gourmet and Home-stay Festival, and a photography competition, etc., will be put forward by organizers of the festival.

Dalan boasts a long history of planting persimmons. Now the town has over 250 mu of land planted with persimmon trees with an annual output of persimmons weighing up to about 200,000 kilograms. Dalan is famous for its persimmons throughout East Zhejiang. “Diaohong”, one kind of persimmons, grown in Shilin Village, Dalan, is most popular.

This year is the 18th year that Dalan holds its persimmon festival. Through continuous holding of characteristic activities, the popularity of local agricultural products, tourism and home-stays has been greatly improved, attracting tourists from Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places to come, realizing the leap forward from “selling persimmons” to “selling landscape and fresh air” and “a slow-pace life”.

According to statistics, during the Mid-autumn Festival and the National Day holidays a few days ago, the town realized a total tourism income of more than 5 million yuan; 27,000 tourists were received in the Danshan Chishui Scenic Area; 21,000 tourists chose to stay in 54 farm home-stays in the town.

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