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8 years’ of support from overseas Yuyaonese for rural revitalization in Luting
Text Size:A A A 2020-10-16

Lately, at the Pairing Signing Ceremony of the Ningbo-Yuyao United Front “Luting Concentric Service Base”, an agreement on renovation of the DR equipment for the Luting Public Health Clinic, donated by the Hong Kong Yuyao Friendship Association, was signed. This is another deed that the Overseas Chinese Affairs Department of the Yuyao City has done with continuous efforts to give full play to resource advantages and to mobilize the strength of overseas Chinese communities at home and abroad to help with the construction of a charming countryside of Luting.

In August 2012, united front departments in Ningbo and Yuyao took the initiative to construction the “Charming Countryside·Luting Concentric Practice Base”. All United Front Departments have been gathering wisdom and strength, giving full play to their advantages and integrating resources to help Luting with rural revitalization since then. Over the past 8 years, Yuyao Municipal Office of Overseas Chinese and the Federation of Overseas Chinese have actively responded and devoted their efforts to taking Luting as the base of “overseas Chinese helping with charming rural construction”. They actively solicited support of Overseas Chinese Affairs Departments at higher levels, gave full play to their own advantages on aspects of resources and talents, and mobilized people from overseas Chinese circles at home and abroad to devote their love and to participate in the construction of charming countryside and social public welfare undertakings in Luting. A total of 22 pairing assistance projects have been completed with supporting funds exceeding 3.6 million yuan. Among them, the Cultural Hall of the Zhongcun Village’s Overseas Chinese’ Love, the activity room of the Yanjia’ao Village, the stream channel renovation in Zhongyao Village, and livelihood projects, such as school buses, first aid vehicles, fire and rescue trucks, garbage classification transportation vehicles and so on, have become model projects of Luting to implement the rural revitalization of old revolutionary base areas and the construction of “Luting with 3 Charms”.

Besides, the Yuyao Municipal Office of Overseas Chinese and the Federation of Overseas Chinese have also carried out many people’s livelihood-related assisting activities, such as photography for the benefit of the people, free clinic visits to the countryside, and visiting people from poor families, contributing as much as they can for the construction of a charming village of Luting and for the improvement of sense of happiness of local villagers.

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