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230,000 mu of late rice being harvested in succession in Yuyao
Text Size:A A A 2020-10-20

Yesterday morning, harvesters were roaring in paddy fields of the Xiaojingpu Village, Hemudu Town. Zheng Hangqi, an agricultural machinery operator, drove a new combine harvester to harvest single cropping late rice for local farmers. “This year, the temperature is high; the field base is hard; and the single cropping rice is growing well. I can harvest late rice of more than 170 mu per day.”

“The ripening time of late rice varieties is different in our city. The early maturing single cropping late rice would be harvested around October 10.” Gu Guowei, Deputy Chief of the Yuyao Municipal Agricultural Technology Station, introduced. This year, the total planting area of single cropping rice plus continuous cropping late rice in Yuyao is about 230,000 mu. The high-temperature weather in the early stage is more than that in previous years. Although the insect and pest diseases in some areas are serious, the prevention and control work is in place and satisfactory, leaving not too much overall bad impact. The rice lodging phenomenon is rarely found. It is expected that the average yield per mu and the quality of late rice will be higher than those of last year. And according to the weather forecast, the weather will be good in the early autumn harvest season. In late October, there will be too much rain in the harvest season, which is not conducive to the harvest. The harvest of single cropping late rice will be basically finished by mid November.

These days, agricultural machinery technicians have been busy in paddy fields, and in order to ensure that mature rice grains are harvested in time for storage in warehouses, 560 harvesters and more than 700 tractors have been organized by the Yuyao Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau to help the cooperatives speed up the harvest progress and ensure a smooth, efficient and safe completion of agricultural mechanization for the autumn harvest and winter planting.

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