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Yuyao carries out small-cycle dynamic screening of 9 categories of persons
Text Size:A A A 2020-02-26

As the enterprises in Yuyao are accelerating work and production resumption, and in order to improve the scientific and accurate level of epidemic control, to boost work resumption of enterprises and to restore the order of people’s daily life in Yuyao, Yuyao has recently launched a small-cycle dynamic screening of “people coming to Yuyao” in accordance with unified deployment of superior departments.

As is learnt, this small-cycle dynamic screening focuses on 9 categories of person “coming to Yuyao”, namely those coming to Yuyao in the over the last 14 days, those from areas of medium or high risks, those migrant people who settle down in Yuyao and purchase cars with the license plate of “浙B” (Zhejiang B), those issued with “yellow codes” or “green codes”, those in densely populated working places, those who should be tested but not tested yet with the nucleic acid test, those major and suspected ones upon big data screening and comparison, those having a fever, respiratory symptoms and buying drugs, and those with “no fixed position, no fixed residence and no fixed income”.

Yuyao will carry out various complementary measures for social investigation, such as “grid main investigation, industrial supplementary investigation, code certificate verification, public security tracking, and mass reporting”.

“Grid main investigation” would be carried out by villages, towns and sub-districts, dynamically screening local population flow so as to identify and manage major epidemic related people in a timely manner. “Industrial supplementary investigation” will be carried out by industrial administrative departments at all levels to sort out the “new employees” on the industrial aspect, and cooperate with the local government to make sure of “no blind angle and no left-behind”. “Code certificate verification” fully implements the management mechanism based on the “Ningbo Health Code” in Ningbo at entrances to Yuyao, villages (communities), enterprises, shopping malls, supermarkets and so on in accordance with the requirement of “guarding both all the major entrances as well as sub-major entrances”. “Public security tracking” is analyzed and judged by the public security organs through big data to provide information support for local verification. “Mass reporting” focuses on mobilizing the masses to actively provide clues and timely find out any suspected persons out of medical observation.

As is learnt, under the background of intensified flow of people and the transformation of the city from being static to dynamic, this small-cycle dynamic screening takes precise means and careful measures to promote the transformation of epidemic prevention and control from “closed-loop control” to “precise intelligent control” so as to realize “precise prevention of further input of infected persons” and “full work and production resumption” while relying on “science and technology + tradition”, “online + offline”, and “self-examination + mutual examination”.

At present, all towns (sub-districts) and development zones in Yuyao have carried out comprehensive investigation and verification throughout the city. At the same time, relevant departments hope that the mass public will enhance their awareness of epidemic prevention, understand, support and actively participate in the investigation. If any suspected epidemic related persons are found out of proper control, the masses are encouraged to report to the township (sub-district) and community working staff or call the police, and relevant departments will deal with their reported cases in the first place.

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