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An emergency response drill carried out in Yuyao for the prevention and control of the COVID-19
Text Size:A A A 2020-02-26

Manager Wang, I find that one of my colleague Li seems like not feeling well, and his body temperature is 37.6. Please ask Li to stay in the room for temporary isolation. Let me call the sub-district right away…” Yesterday afternoon, an emergency response drill was carried out in the square of the Yuyao Peoples Fitness Center for the prevention and control of the COVID-19, stimulating realistic scenes of the discovery, diagnosis and treatment, investigation and administration, etc. so as to further improve the mechanism of joint control and operation and inspect the on-site emergency response capability of relevant departments and units. Wang Anjing, Deputy Mayor of the Yuyao City, hosted and watched the drill.

Since the work and production resumption on February 10, over 22,000 enterprises with more than 260,000 employees in Yuyao have resumed work and production. This drill assumes that a person named Li, a local worker of Enterprise B in the Sub-district A in Yuyao, is found symptoms of fatigue and chills while working. The drill includes the process of symptoms found, diagnosed, investigated and administrated. The whole drill is composed of two parts, namely the case discovery and report, case diagnosis and on-site treatment.

In this emergency response drill, a series of emergency response procedures were carried out, ranging from finding staff abnormality to reporting, temporary isolation, transfer, trail investigation, diagnosis, treatment, disinfection and sterilization, to closing the workshop and dormitory where the patient works and lives, and the persons in close contact with the patient were subject to centralized isolation. Each drill unit responded quickly, coordinated orderly, smoothly and efficiently, providing an effective response for enterprises and institutions to learn from for the prevention and control of potential COVID-19 cases after resumption of work and production.

Present at the drill, there were more than 100 people onsite, including the Director of the Office of the Yuyao Leadership Group for Joint Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, team leaders of the 3 Resumption Team and the Social Stability Group, leaders of relevant municipal governmental departments, leaders in charge of industries, business trading, education, culture and health related units in all village, towns and sub-districts, and representatives of relevant enterprises and institutions.

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