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Xi Ming urges for the most powerful and strictest measures to win the battle of prevention and control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus during his unannounced visits for inspection of the urban-rural grass-root epidemic situation
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How is the prevention and control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus done in communities, suburban villages and other grass-root units? Are supermarkets, drugstores and relevant shopping places doing a good job of environmental disinfection in strict accordance with relevant requirements? Do administrative units responsible for their residential areas implement the “closed” management and conduct body temperature monitoring for people coming in and going out? With these questions, Xi Ming, Secretary of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, once again paid unannounced visits yesterday morning to better grasp the prevention and control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in urban and rural grass-root areas. He stressed that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim, that we need to be strict and conscientious in carrying out various prevention and control measures, strengthen control, cut off the transmission chain, and take the strongest and strictest measures to win the war of prevention and control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus so as to ensure the safety and health of the people.

Along the Tiyuchang Road, there are not many shops open. Xi Ming walked into supermarkets and drugstores that are open, learning in detail the supply of daily necessities and protective products, and told business operators to well protect themselves, strengthen the ventilation and disinfection, and effectively maintain a healthy and safe shopping environment.

“Have community cadres come to your home for checking?” “Do you know if there’re any people coming back from Hubei or Wenzhou?” Xi Ming had a detailed grasp of the community checking for the prevention and control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in several residential areas of Shunbei Xincun in the Yangming Sub-district. He reminded the residents not to go out as much as possible and wear masks right in case they need to go out. During his visits, he found out that several residential areas still need to better improve their prevention and control measures. He pointed out that at present, the working mechanism of joint prevention and control has achieved initial results. For the next step, closed-loops of responsibility and management should be formed to ensure that the implementation of prevention and control is in detail and highly effective.

At the entrance of the Shunbei Food Market, the working staff wearing masks was monitoring the temperature of the people in and out one by one. Xi Ming entered the Market, checking carefully the operation of the Market and learning in detail the supply of pork and vegetables and their prices as well. He urged the managers of the Market to strengthen management, do a good job in cleaning, disinfection, ventilation, mask-wearing and body temperature monitoring, and strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures; at the same time, fully ensure the supply and price stability of the food in the Market so as to ensure that the food in the Market would not be out of stock.

Fengshanqian Village in Yangming Sub-district, located in the northwest of Yuyao, is a typical suburban village. During the visit to a natural village of the Fengshanqian Village, Xi Ming found that there were some weak links in the prevention and control of the outbreak of the virus in the village. For example, beside a residential house, about 5 or 6 villagers were chatting with each other. Regarding this, Xi Ming immediately urged village cadres to strengthen publicity, education and management, guide the masses not to go out or gather together, take the initiative to do a good job in protection by staying at home, and block the spread of the virus to the maximum extent.

Xi Ming pointed out that the key to win this war of prevention and control of the novel coronavirus lies in the prevention and control work at the grass-root level of towns (sub-districts) and villages (communities). Group prevention and management, joint prevention and control, grid management and carpet management are the top priority of the epidemic prevention and control at the grass-root level. According to the requirements of “preventing external input and making sure of no outbreak from within”, villages (communities) not only need to pay great attention to the people who come from cities where the virus’ widely spread and those who return from cities out of Ningbo, but also provide services for the people who are required to stay at home under medical observation and isolation, and provide care and strong guarantee for them.

Xi Ming emphasized that every department in all regions should adhere to the principle of full mobilization and scientific response, strengthen organizational leadership, give full play to the advantages of the system, make more efforts to tighten the responsibility chain and improve the prevention and control ability, and resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the superior and the requirements of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee and that the Party members and cadres should improve their political positions, take the prevention and control of the outbreak of the virus as the most important political task at present, work together, aiming at the same direction, and resolutely win the war of prevention and control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

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