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Xi Ming urges for the strictest measures and the best working style for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak at the Yuyao Conference on the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak; Pan Yinhao deploys assignments for the next step
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Yesterday afternoon, the 12th (Expanded) Meeting of the Leading Group of Joint Prevention and Control of the Pneumonia Epidemic Situation Caused by the Novel Coronavirus and the Special Video Conference on the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak were held in Yuyao, analyzing and judging the current situation of the prevention and control of the virus outbreak in Yuyao, and deploying detailed tasks of prevention and control of the virus outbreak for the next step. Xi Ming, Secretary of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, urges for the strictest measures and the best working style for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Pan Yinhao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Yuyao City, deployed assignments for the prevention and control of the virus outbreak for the next step. Other leaders of Yuyao, including Zhu Xiaobei, Chen Changfeng and Ye Zhili, attended the conferences as well.

Xi Ming pointed out that the current prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak is in a critical period. He required that every department fully recognize the extreme importance of the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak, continue to move forward, constantly fill up the gaps and plug the loopholes, and make all the prevention and control measures more specific and practical so as to work together to build a tight line of defense for joint prevention and control of the virus outbreak and to go all out to win the battle against the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Xi Ming emphasized that we should carry out the most intense mission in place, that the leading cadres should go deep into the front line to take the command, firmly grasp, shoulder and practice the responsibility of prevention and control of the virus outbreak, that the majority of Party members and cadres should take the initiative and charge ahead so as to make sure that “no one’s missed from being checked and cadres shall visit every household”, and set a leading example for the very prevention and control, that the strictest measures for prevention and control be implemented, that we take more sophisticated control measures at the entrances/ exits and hard core isolation measures, make full use of grid governance means, make clear of responsibilities, control the source for grasp and prevention of the outbreak, block the source of infection with extraordinary force, cut off the outbreak chain, and build a strong gateway to “prevent external input and make sure of no outbreak from within”, that we mobilize the widest range of people, carry out epidemic prevention popularization through multiple channels and in various ways, make the “10 Prohibitions & 10 Musts” for the prevention and control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Yuyao popular among the mass public, guide the people to take the initiative to well protect themselves at home, conscientiously improve their awareness of self-protection, and resolutely fight the  war of the prevention and control of the virus outbreak, and that we put the most effective working mechanism in place, further improve the mechanisms of territorial management, collaborative management and control, public notification, public opinion guidance, and responsibility checking, give full play to the institutional advantages, achieve the control force with effective leadership, and make every effort to ensure that the infection in Yuyao does not expand or spread.

Pan Yinhao also emphasized that it is necessary to implement the maximum personnel control, make the greatest determination and use the most practical measures to achieve the personnel notification in place, dissuasion and persuasion in place, road entrance control in place, and village community control in place so as to form a “small iron bucket” of control, and effectively build 4 lines of defense to prevent input of the virus, that we implement the strictest medical observation in accordance with the requirements of “isolation and control”, that efforts should be made to continuously upgrade the checking, working measures and places for isolation, that we should avoid the work becoming mere formality, especially in towns and sub-districts, that we should fully use centralized medical isolation observation places, strengthen the implementation of territorial responsibility, and resolutely prevent the outbreak of the virus, that we encourage the widest participation of the people, mobilize all the forces that can be mobilized and all the resources that can be utilized on the basis of scientific prevention and control, especially give full play to the strength of Party members and cadres to strengthen publicity, and form a city-wide publicity formation, and invite the masses to act as investigators, reporters, supervisors for winning the war against the virus, and that the most powerful crackdown on illegal activities should be carried out. For places that conceal or do not report, do not cooperate in detection and isolation, and do not closed when having been required to close, they would be punished as soon as possible, and publicity notices would be made.

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