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Yuyao carries out solid popularization of laws and regulations for epidemic prevention
Text Size:A A A 2020-03-18

Pushing the latest typical cases, setting up epidemic prevention and control columns, and creating mobile phone ringing video and tone…In recent days, novel coronavirus disease prevention and control has been actively carried out in Yuyao. Yuyao has used several platforms both online and offline to promote the publicity of laws and regulations for epidemic prevention, covering a wide range of fields and infiltrating at different levels, creating a favorable legal environment for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 in Yuyao.

The Law Regulation Office of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, the Yuyao Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Yuyao Municipal Office for Law Popularization have been making full use of WeChat, Micro Blog and other new media to carry out “Law Popularization at the Fingers”, launch the column of “Law Explanation by Ming Ming· Knowledge on Laws for Prevention and Control of the COVID-19”, and invite lawyers to answer legal questions that may be encountered in the period of epidemic prevention and control; with the help of 463 publicity points in buildings, LED display screens of banks and supermarkets in the city, mobile phone ringing video and tone and so on, Yuyao has been actively popularizing the knowledge on epidemic prevention; in view of outstanding problems existing in the epidemic prevention and control work and the hot issues concerned by the people, the laws and regulations on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, the emergency response law, the wildlife protection law, the frontier health and quarantine law, the emergency regulations on public health emergencies, as well as the criminal law, the public security management and punishment law and so on have been publicized in depth; Yuyao has also released cases of epidemic prevention and control in time, and the Reference Manual for Legal Risk Prevention for Enterprises under the Epidemic of the COVID-19 has been released, so as to popularize knowledge of epidemic prevention according to laws and regulations, and rely on the masses, mobilize all the people to participate in epidemic prevention and control.

In addition, all departments in the city should make good use of their respective publicity platforms, carry out various kinds of publicity in key checkpoints in the city, strengthen the publicity of relevant laws and regulations to maintain social order and economic order during the period of epidemic prevention and control, escort enterprises to resume work and production, and actively deepen the publicity of the rules of laws related to epidemic prevention and enterprise development.

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