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The guidance for using “serving chopsticks and spoons” released for popularization of “serving chopsticks and spoons” among the mass public
Text Size:A A A 2020-04-14

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 has awakened the public’s sense of using serving chopsticks. Civilized use of serving chopsticks is not only a civilization on table, but also a safeguard for health. What should we do to change our long-term dining habits? Lately, the Yuyao Civilization Popularization Office, together with the Yuyao Bureau of Commerce and the Yuyao Market Regulatory Bureau, released guidance for using “serving chopsticks and spoons”, popularizing knowledge on how to use “serving chopsticks and spoons” among the mass public.

The very guidance is composed of 5 chapters, including basic requirements of “serving chopsticks and spoons”, configuration requirements, publicity requirements, service process, and disinfection guarantee, explains every step of using “serving chopsticks and spoons” in detail, stipulates the color, material, size and shape of “serving chopsticks and spoons”, which shall be obviously different from that of private tableware or printed with signs and characters of “serving chopsticks and spoons”. In the configuration of “serving chopsticks and spoons”, catering units shall allocate enough “serving chopsticks and spoons” according to the dining scale, and set up a special storage area of “serving chopsticks and spoons” on the workbench so that consumers can easily identify and use them. At the same time, in the service process, the configuration of “serving chopsticks and spoons” shall be included in the daily meal preparation process, table setting standard, dining process, serving process, and washing disinfection processes. When dining at home, priority should be given to “one pair of chopsticks for one dish” and “one spoon for one dish” or put one or more sets of “serving chopsticks and spoons” on the table bracket and in the plate, and advocate to take food with “serving chopsticks and spoons” on one’s own.

“It’s wished that this guidance for using ‘serving chopsticks and spoons’ provides guidance for all kinds of catering service units, rural banquet halls and other collective meals, family use of ‘serving chopsticks and spoons’, and continuously deepen the project of cultivating good habits and civilization.” The person in charge of the Yuyao Civilization Popularization Office said. At present, Yuyao is carrying out the project of cultivating good habits and civilization, and one of the important contents is to advocate the cultivation of good habits of “civilized dining”. Focusing on “using serving chopsticks and spoons for health of you and me”, Yuyao is to guide the citizens to start from the details of “using one pair of chopsticks for one dish” and “one spoon for one bowl of soup”, establish the new fashion of “civilized dining table” and develop the good habit of “civilized dining”.

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