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The 15th Siming Mountain Red Maple & Cherry Blossom Festival opens on the “cloud”
Text Size:A A A 2020-04-21

In the morning of April 18, the opening ceremony of the 15th Siming Mountain Red Maple & Cherry Blossom Festival, co-organized by the CPC Siming Mountain Township Committee, the People’s Government of the Siming Mountain Town, and the Yuyao Network Culture Association, was held in the Siming Mountain Geological Park. The ceremony was broadcasted live by the Yuyao Radio and Television Co., Ltd. on WeChat. WeChat Subscription accounts of the Yuyao Release and the Most Charming Siming Mountain rebroadcasted the ceremony. Online platforms, such as the CCTV News+, Xinhua News Agency, Today’s Headline, iQIYI, Weibo of Sina, bilibili, Ningju, and Yaojie, etc. broadcasted live as well. 6 anchors of “show Yuyao” also broadcasted live on the Tiktok. A total of over 1 million people enjoyed the online live broadcast of the most charming Siming Mountain on the “cloud”. Wang Jiaoli, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee and Director of the Yuyao Publicity Department, attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of this year’s Siming Mountain Red Maple & Cherry Blossom Festival is themed “Most Charming Siming; Festival of Poems”. The site where the opening ceremony was held was surrounded with blooming and charming cherry blossoms. The themed publicity video of “I’m coming to you, Siming Mountain” led everyone enjoy the cherry blossoms and red maple in the spring, cool mountain wind in the summer, various of flowers in the autumn, and snowflakes and rime in the winter in the Siming Mountain. Liao Yan, Professor of the Broadcasting and Hosting Art College of the Communication University of Zhejiang, and Sun Jing, Brother Mango, Fu Yan, Zhao Shi, Qu Hao and Huang Zhen, chairpersons of the Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, performed poetry recitation and song singing respectively. 4 anchors of the Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, together with 4 anchors from the “show Yuyao”, accepted the endorsement certificate issued by CPC Siming Mountain Township Committee, and the People’s Government of the Siming Mountain Town. In addition, the March award ceremony of the 2020 “NB boom” Short Video Competition was held.

As is learnt, this year’s festival is composed of 10 major activities, namely the Charming Spring · Red Maple & Cherry Blossom Tour for national visitors to enjoy beautiful flowers and charming natural sceneries in the Siming Mountain; the O2O of “Cherries’ re Red” for both online and offline interconnection and for visitors to enjoy mountain cherries in the Xuanyan Village; the Tour in Siming · Tour for Health and Recreation, which are open to all front line medical workers in Yuyao and sent for Wuhan for help; the mountain climbing activity, themed “remain true to the original aspiration and climb high”, is to be held at the Qinghuwan Hill, the highest peak in Ningbo; the group lawn wedding, which would invite husbands-and-wives-to-be to participate in the group wedding who had delayed their wedding due to the epidemic outbreak; the O2 Music Festival, where you could enjoy music on the top of the Siming while listening to songs of cicadas and looking at numerous stars in the sky in a cool summer night; the Slow Time · Original Nnatural Oxygen Bar, inviting visitors to the home-stay of “Di Ba Du” for a slow-time tour and experience of the nature; the Siming Mountain Town Sports Game, themed “Sports and Health bring Happiness”, is to be held in the golden autumn for the local residents; the 2nd Siming Mountain International Cross-country Challenge, which is to be held in the millennia-old village of Tangxi; the Siming Mountain Rime, Ice and Snow Festival, which would enable visitors to enjoy rime and play with ice and snow, is composed of 2 sub-activities, such as the Rime Ice Fall Photography Competition and the Ice and Snow Hot Spring Tour.

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