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Yuyao fully promotes the action of improving the standard of drinking water in rural areas
Text Size:A A A 2020-05-20

This year is the last year of the action of improving the standard of drinking water in rural areas in Yuyao. In order to fully promote the implementation of the action of improving the standard of drinking water in rural areas, recently, Yuyao explored the implementation of the “four-color early warning plus chain supervision” mechanism, strengthened the supervision of projects for improving drinking water standard, and well controlled the quality and progress of the projects under construction.

Yuyao has comprehensively sorted out the construction progress of 79 village-level water supply stations’ standard improvement projects, and compared the actual commencement time with the scheduled one at the beginning of the year. If the commencement time is the same or ahead of schedule, the green color would be displayed, meaning that the progress is normal; if 15 days behind or within, the color would be yellow, meaning slow; if 15 days to 30 days behind, the color of orange means further behind; if more than 30 days behind, the color of red means the progress is seriously lagging behind.

According to statistics, there are 54 projects with green color, 10 yellow ones, 7 orange ones and 8 red ones. In this regard, on one hand, the Yuyao Municipal Rural Drinking Water Office actively contacted the bidding and trading center, gave priority to these projects to have access to bidding sites, accelerated the review of bidding documents, and strived to shorten the time of review; on the other hand, it promoted the project construction by ways of “inquiries on telephone every half a week, weekly field supervision, regular engineering meeting every half a month, and monthly work briefing”. At present, all projects have been started.

For the next step, Yuyao is to accelerate the progress of the construction of these projects so as to catch up with the original schedule and make sure that the rural drinking water standard improvement action is completed in strict accordance with the time node by the end of September this year.

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