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Keeping firm confidence and strengthening services for promoting high-quality development of the industrial economy in Yuyao
Text Size:A A A 2020-07-22

In the morning of the day before yesterday, Xu Yun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor of the Yuyao City, together with representatives of relevant departments, paid a visit to the Lanjiang Sub-district to carry out the activity of “4 Deliveries & 1 Strengthening” for coordinating to solve enterprises problems during their development. Xu Yun emphasized that we keep firm confidence and strengthen services for promoting high-quality development of the industrial economy in Yuyao. Mao Pixian, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, attended the activity.

Xu Yun and his delegation firstly went to the Shentong Technology Group Co., Ltd., which is specialized in research and development, production and sales of non-metallic auto parts and moulds. In the exhibition hall of the company, Xu Yun looked and listened, learning in detail the categories of products and application in the market and so on. In view of the company’s difficulties in talent introduction and technology R&D and docking, Xu Yun worked on site and required relevant departments to provide “one-to-one” services. Xu Yun pointed out that although affected by the epidemic this year, economic development is facing a great test, the economic and social development is better than expected thanks to joint efforts of the whole city, and the stage goal of “winning the two battles against the epidemic and for economic and social development has been achieved. For the next step, its required to keep firm confidence, invest more for scientific and technological development, and promote enterprises to develop stronger and better; to focus on major products and key technologies, promote product quality and replace those imported with quality domestic products; to strengthen intelligent transformation, reduce production cost, strengthen production flexibility and continuously promote enterprises competitiveness.

Ningbo Haiji Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in production of household vacuum cleaners. The company has been awarded with the honor of “China's Top 10 Vacuum Cleaner Export Enterprises” by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products for 3 consecutive years. Xu Yun visited the workshop and exhibition hall of the company, learning in detail the enterprises situation and development. Xu Yun was very happy to learn that orders for the second half of the year had been arranged to be fulfilled till the end of the year. Xu emphasized that it is necessary to continuously explore market and expand product sales; efforts should be made to improve product quality in terms of product appearance, internal structure and function expansion; internal governance should be strengthened and quality control of the whole industrial chain should be ensured; workplace safety should be remembered and ensured well all the time, workplace safety responsibility should be strictly implemented, and working standards should be improved to ensure that the enterprise develops rapid and better.

“What difficulties have you encountered in the development? What do you need the most from the government at present? Xu Yun asked when he was visiting the sample room and workshop of the Ningbo Fucheng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.. In view of the company’s issues on land and space, Xu Yun made responses one by one. He pointed out that Fucheng has realized rapid development in recent years and encouraged that the company further invest more in scientific and technological development and continue to improve research and development capability; further strengthen intelligent transformation, improve production efficiency; further strengthen the research and development of new materials, not only to reduce energy consumption, but also to increase added value; further expand high-end markets, increase cooperation with well-known brands, and promote high-quality development of enterprises. At the same time, Xu Yun also reminded leaders of sub-districts and departments to strengthen cooperation between government departments and enterprises, continuously improve the level and quality of services for enterprises, and spare no effort to escort the development of enterprises.

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