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Emancipate the mind and innovate ideas to help enterprises solve development problems
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In the morning of August 29, Xu Yun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor of the Yuyao City, together with representatives of relevant departments, paid a visit to the industrial base of the Sunny Group in the west of Yuyao for carrying out a special investigation and research and for helping the company to solve their problems. Xu emphasized that departments at all localities should further emancipate the mind and come up with innovative ideas to help enterprises solve their problems for further and high-quality development. Mao Pixian, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, participated in the investigation and research.

Xu Yun and his delegation visited the third phase of the base of the Sunny Group, learning in detail the project planning, and project construction progress and so on. During the stay in the second phase of the base, Xu Yun listened as he walked and inquired about the project construction progress and existing problems.

Later on, at a meeting, a representative of the Sunny Group introduced in detail the current business situation, existing difficulties and future plans. Xu Yun stressed that the Sunny Group is not only a key enterprise under cultivation in Ningbo, but also a leading and pillar enterprise in Yuyao. The development of the Sunny Group is related to the industrial growth, talent introduction and economic vitality of the whole city. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the general position, break the conventional thinking, increase support, and spare no effort to support and promote great-leap-forward development of the Sunny Group. In view of the policy implementation, land use approval, electricity support, living facility support and other issues put forward by the company, Xu Yun responded one by one and worked onsite to clarify task implementation promotion plan, time nodes and responsible personnel, and required the persons in charge of the local sub-district and relevant departments to coordinate and implement in accordance with plans. He said that according to the principle of “giving priority to services”, we should plan ahead of time, take the initiative to connect, strictly implement responsibilities at all levels, put the work in the first place, take precautions to solve the worries of enterprises related to future development, and make every effort to ensure that enterprises can develop freely.

As for the development of enterprises for the next step, Xu Yun required that we should keep a close eye on the development goals of 100-billion-level enterprises, focus on the main business, be pragmatic and innovative, and accelerate the realization of high-quality development. It is necessary to focus on the improvement of digital ability, promote the improvement of production, sales, management and so on of enterprises by relying on the new generation of information technologies and digital technologies, and improve the efficiency and benefits of enterprises; it is necessary to focus on the improvement of innovation ability, and further solve problems hindering the development of enterprises by increasing investment in science and technology, strengthening the cooperation between scientific research institutions and accelerating the introduction of talents; it is necessary to improve the quality and brand, and efforts should be made for product design innovation, product field expansion and brand system construction, so as to continuously deepen and reflect the enterprise value; it is necessary to focus on the integration and improvement of industries and the city, coordinate the development of intelligent photoelectric town with the Sunny Group as the core, and build the intelligent photoelectric town into a characteristic town with excellent living facilities and beautiful ecological environment with high-standard construction and high-quality management.

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