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The Municipal Youth League Committee actively carries out an activity for the popularization of knowledge on dining-table civilization
Text Size:A A A 2020-09-15

On September 5, the Yuyao Municipal Youth League Committee, together with the Yuyao Volunteer Service Guidance-providing Center, held a publicity activity themed “Clear Your Plate Campaign” in the Wanda Square, actively popularizing knowledge on dining-table civilization and the concept of saving, so as to strive for the formation of a brand new fashion of “civilized consumption and thrift dining” in the city.

“We’ll have the honor only by clearing our plates” “Cherish food and refuse to waste” “Who knows that on the dining plate, every single grain means hardship” … at 6:30 p.m. on that day, 20 groups of volunteer families who participated in the activity held publicity boards and came to restaurants in the Wanda Square to popularize civilized dining initiatives to the people dining at restaurants, and handed out printed proposals of “Clear Your Plate Campaign” to provide guidance for the citizens to sign the commitment letter and shout out the pledge slogan of cherishing food. “I think this activity is very meaningful. Food is not easy to come from. We should dine according to our needs and practice frugality.” Hu Xinran, a volunteer, and is a sixth grade student of the Lianghui Primary School, said so. She told reporters that when her family went out to dine, they would pack and take home the meals they hadn’t finished, since they were determined not to waste.

“The purpose of this voluntary service campaign of ‘Clear Your Plate’ is to continuously deepen the construction of a civilized city in China and to thoroughly follow the spirit of General Secretary Xi's latest instructions.” Cui Yangjie, Director of the School and Young Pioneers Department and the Volunteer Work Department of the Yuyao Municipal Youth League Committee, introduced. This activity was not only carried out offline, but also online to promote the implementation of the “Clear Your Plate Campaign” at the same time through posting pictures of the dining table before and after meals on the WeChat Favorite.

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