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Improve standards and take the initiative to improve the level of ecological environment quality
Text Size:A A A 2020-09-04

Yesterday morning, Xi Ming, Secretary of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, led responsible persons from relevant departments to inspect the rectification of ecological and environmental problems in landfills, sewage transportation system construction sites, West Railway Freight Station and so on. Xi emphasized that we should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s thought of ecological civilization, conscientiously implement the requirements deployed by the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the Central Committee, pay close attention to the major problems related to the ecological environment, improve standards and take the initiative to promote the rectification of all kinds of problems and to continuously improve the quality and level of the ecological environment in Yuyao. Mao Pixian, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee, participated in the inspection activity.

The Tongzhang’ao landfill site is one of the key projects under rectification of ecological environment problems. Xi Ming learnt in detail the treatment scheme and project progress, and required relevant units to pay close attention to the time node and construction progress to ensure the completion of the rectification task on time, and to do a good job in greening and beautifying the surrounding environment of the landfill site. At the construction site of the West Pumping Station of municipal sewage transmission system double line project, Xi Ming inquired about the construction progress of sewage pumping station and sewage pipe network in detail, and instructed relevant departments and construction units to further accelerate the construction progress on the premise of ensuring workplace safety and project quality, and strive for the early completion of the project. At a coal yard and a waste recycling and treatment place at the West Railway Freight Station, Xi Ming inspected the rectification of dust and wastewater problems on the spot, and asked relevant departments to urge enterprises to speed up rectifications, put an end to open-air stacking problems, accelerate the transformation of facilities, and effectively solve the pollution problem of the station.

Xi Ming stressed that the rectification of ecological and environmental problems is a major political task, that all departments in all localities should pay close attention to the goals, adhere to solving problems, and implement tasks in an all-round way, that it is necessary to carry out list management, strictly control the working progress and the quality of rectification according to specific rectification measures and time limit, and solve problems one by one, so as to ensure the completion of all rectification tasks on time, that we should compact the responsibility of rectification, resolutely put an end to “dealing with things not in accordance with requirements but at our own will”, go deep into the front line to find problems and promote the implementation of tasks, so as to ensure the quality and quantity of ecological environment problem rectification, and that we should improve the long-term mechanism, constantly improve the long-term and normalized regulatory system and mechanism, continuously consolidate and improve the effectiveness of the rectification, do a good job in the "second half" of the year, and continue to improve the quality and level of ecological environment in Yuyao.

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