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Practical governmental projects for the good of the people in 2020 all completed
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Practical governmental projects carry the people’s yearning for a better life. With the great attention paid by the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee and the Yuyao Municipal People’s Government, and the supervision and support of the Yuyao Municipal People’s Congress, relevant responsible units in the city overcome the impact of the epidemic and paid close attention to the implementation, therefore having completed all the 10 practical projects deployed last year for the good of the people and truly realizing the goal of “everything settled as required”.

In order to continuously improve the capability of grass-root public health services and the quality of basic medical care services, Yuyao vigorously carried out the construction of medical projects for the benefit of the people last year. Medical care and health care combined pilot services are available in 3 township hospitals in Liangnong, Lubu and Linshan. By the end of September, 3 projects have completed the construction of geriatric nursing wards and all the wards have been put into use; “shared pharmacies” have been launched in 21 primary medical institutions in the city, and all township health centers and sub-district community health service centers have completed technical transformation of “shared pharmacies” by the end of June. Till now, “shared pharmacies” have provided services for 5,542 people/ visits. The Linshan Emergency Rescue Center have been completed and officially launched on September 22. Village level medical service capability improvement projects of administrative villages under the jurisdiction of Dalan Town, Siming Mountain Town and Luting Township have been initiated, thus realizing full coverage of medical services in 12 administrative villages without rural doctors in 3 mountainous towns. The “mobile medical care services in mountainous areas” have provided services for a total of 2,263 patients… The implementation of medical measures for the benefit of the people has enabled the masses to enjoy real health “dividends”.

Well pre-school education and realization of early childhood education are related to children’s healthy growth and social harmony and stability. Last year, Yuyao strengthened the construction of public kindergartens and expanded the enrollment proportion of public kindergartens. On one hand, the construction projects of main buildings of 3 public kindergartens, including Fengshan Menglin, Lanshuqiao and Wanda, have been completed. At present, indoor decoration, outdoor ancillary construction and procurement of facilities and equipment are in progress; on the other hand, the rectification of low quality, small and scattered kindergartens and the expansion of public kindergartens have been completed, and the enrollment proportion of public kindergartens in rural areas has reached 50%.

It is a powerful measure to deepen the construction of a civilized city, enhance the image of the city, and enhance people’s sense of gain, happiness and security by carrying out transformation and improvement projects of farm product markets and environmental improvement projects in back streets and alleys. At present, Yuyao has completed transformation and upgrading of four 1-star markets, two 2-star markets and six 3-star markets, 100% completing the annual task. Comprehensive renovation and upgrading of 8 back streets and alleys, including the Xundai Road of Yangming Sub-district, the Hebao Alley of Fengshan Sub-district, the Duyi Alley of Lizhou Sub-district, and the Baoqing Road of Lanjiang Sub-district have been completed 100% as required by the annual task.

Let farmers upgrade from “having water to drink” to “drinking quality water” and the “implementation of rural drinking water standard upgrading project” was included in the government’s list of practical projects for the good of the people in 2019 with a total investment of 9.9 million yuan, benefiting 4,900 people. On this basis, last year, Yuyao continued to implement the rural drinking water standard upgrading project. By the end of October, the annual task of the rural drinking water standard upgrading project in the Luting Township and Lizhou Sub-district has been fully completed. A total of 49 village-level water supply stations have been reconstructed with an investment of 24.8 million yuan and a beneficiary population of 38,700. In addition, the implementation of “promoting new projects of rural cultural auditoriums” and “adding 10 new village-level service agencies” also helped to improve the quality of life of farmers and contributed to rural revitalization. Last year, Yuyao established 53 new rural cultural auditoriums, completing the annual task by 132.5%, and boasted 262 rural cultural auditoriums in total, covering all villages and towns in Yuyao. 10 village-level service agencies have been newly built in the Donggang Village, Luting Township, the Huangjiazhuang Village, Dalan Town, and the Qiuao Village, Lubu Town and so on. The agencies built in Shilin village of Dalan town and Yuanma village of Lubu town are newly added ones, making the total number account for 120% of the annual task.

Last year, Yuyao also completed the elevator operation and maintenance safety comprehensive insurance project for 1,006 elevators in residential quarters in the city; completed the project of mustard peel waste collection and treatment center, realizing an annual processing capacity of more than 30,000 tons of mustard peel waste; implemented the comprehensive quality improvement project of employees, so as to help with skill improvement and nurturing of skilled talents, and the construction of skilled masters’ studios, all overfulfilling relevant annual tasks.

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