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To provide the "Liangnong Path" for the realization of common prosperity in old revolutionary areas throughout the country
Text Size:A A A 2021-03-12

"Fully building a new model of common prosperity in the new era is not only an important measure to unswervingly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important letter reply and promote the revitalization of rural areas in old revolutionary areas, but also a concrete starting point for implementing the ‘Two Strengthening and Three Promotion’ deployment of the CPC Yuyao Municipal Committee." Yesterday, Cai Yahong, secretary of the CPC Liangnong Township Committee, told reporters. This year, the Liangnong Town will focus on "Four Cohesion" and "Four Building" to provide the "Liangnong path" for the realization of common prosperity in old revolutionary areas throughout the country.

Efforts will be exerted to make the red Party building as the lead and develop the Liangnong Town into a national exhibition place of grassroots Party building taking the lead. This year, the Liangnong Town will take the opportunity of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China to organize and carry out Party history learning and education and a series of celebration activities of "inheriting the red gene of a century and creating a chapter of common prosperity of the times", deeply promote the construction of model towns for Party building in the new era, establish a regional Party construction alliance with the Hengkantou Village as the core, and comprehensively establish assistance mechanisms such as "big villages leading small ones", so as to actively strive to create an advanced national grassroots Party organization.

Efforts will be exerted for the development of characteristic industries and for developing an area for the demonstration of integrated development of red tourism. Based on the red culture and green ecological resources, the town will promote high-quality development of red tourism, continue to carry out the construction of an all-round tourism demonstration town and provincial 5A scenic spot town, accelerate the construction of the China Film (Music) Copyright Service Base project and the operation of New Hope Chuxin Farm, and gradually build Liangnong into an important national red tourism resort.

Efforts will be exerted to highly promote life quality and develop a provincial sample cluster of charming rural villages. The town will speed up the implementation of drinking water source improvement plan, build an ecological barrier with lucid waters and lush mountains; implement key projects such as the S309 Hehuachi-Liangnong Line reconstruction, and continuously improve the function of the town; carry out the "Upgrading to A" action in scenic villages, and promote the regionalization and group development of charming villages and "future villages"; continue to implement village combing transformation, so as to realize that each village has its own charm, and create a model village for the demonstration of “sitting on the ground” without worrying about making pants dirty. At the same time, with the help of the all-region digital rural platform, the town will promote the construction of a diversified rural governance system with the combination of autonomy, rule of law, moral and intellectual governance, and create a provincial model student of rural intellectual governance.

Efforts will be exerted to improve the quality of civilized rural style, and build a rural spiritual civilization construction and cultivation consortium. The town will take the "Golden Rural Style Action" as the carrier, further strengthen the construction of social norms such as family tradition and precepts and village rules and regulations, strive to create a business environment with everyone striving for common prosperity, fairness and integrity, as well as start to create an area for the demonstration of inheriting and promoting the red culture, launch the cultural brand of "Flaming Red Liangnong", further carry forward the revolutionary spirit of "working hard with perseverance", and fully display the spirit of Liangnong people's entrepreneurship and innovation in the new era.

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