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Comprehensive Strength

Comprehensive Strength
2011 - 03 - 24

Economic Aggregate

According to elementary estimate, the City achieved RMB 56.717 bn of local GDP in 2010, a YoY increase of 12.7% at comparable prices. Among industries, the primary, the secondary and the tertiary industries achieved added value of RMB 3.545 bn, RMB 33.839 bn and RMB 19.333 bn respectively, 3.2%, 13.5% and 12.9% up respectively on YoY basis. Added value for the industry as a whole is RMB 31.831 bn, 13.7% up on YoY basis. Per capita GDP is RMB 68,019, equivalent to USD 10,048 at annual average exchange rate of 6.7695.

Economic Structure

Among industries, for added value, the primary and the secondary industries in the city accounted for 6.2% and 59.7% respectively of the local GDP, 0.2% and 0.6% up on YoY basis, while the tertiary industry for 34.1% of the local GDP, 0.8% down on YoY basis. Percentages of sub-industries were adjusted from 6.0:59.1:34.9 in 2009 to 6.2:59.7:34.1. Percentage of the primary industry rose slightly; percentage of the secondary industry also climbed up as compared with last year under influence of robust industrial recovery; percentage of the tertiary industry dropped slightly.

Financial Revenue

Financial revenue steadily grew and living expenditure was secured with much priority. The city achieved General Budget Revenue of RMB 8.207 bn, 13.0% up on YoY basis, including RMB 3.803 bn of central government revenue and RMB 4.404 bn of local budget revenue, 13.1% and 12.8% up respectively on YoY basis. Of the whole, tax revenue was RMB 8.206 bn, up 17.4%. Specifically, VAT, CIT, IIT, business tax were RMB 3.490 bn, RMB 1.119 bn, 865 mn and RMB 1.206 bn respectively, 7.6%, 21.7%, 34.3% and 31.3% up respectively. General financial budget of 2010 was RMB 5.055 bn, 28.8%% up on YoY basis. Constantly increasing, expenditure for people’s livelihood was RMB 3.535 bn in 2010, accounting for 69.9 of the general budget expenditure, of which public service, education, public security, health and social security expenditures were RMB 781mn, RMB 900mn, RMB 416mn, RMB 404 mn and RMB 357 mn respectively, 5.4%, 14.3%, 24.5%, 41.7% and 12.5% up respectively.

Steady growth of agricultural production

Gross agricultural output of the whole city in 2010 was RMB 5.439 bn, 3.7% up at comparable prices, including 3.572 bn, 233mn, RMB 1.129bn, RMB 460 mn and RMB 45.03mn for farming, forestry, animal farming, fishery and general agricultural service respectively, 24.0%, 8.8%, 10.8%, 9.3% and 4.9% up respectively.

In 2010, grain functional area has reached 115,000 mu, an increase of 58,000 mu. Farming area of grain, 514,000 mu in total, achieved 215,000 tons of grain output, equal to that of 2009; Vegetable production was 821,700 tons, fruit 80,400 tons, meat 50,500 tons and aquatic products 29,800 tons.

Modern Agriculture

Many modern agricultural parks have been started, of which three provincial-level modern agricultural comprehensive parks, 10 provincial-level leading industry demonstration zones and 21 provincial-level selected characteristic agricultural parks have been listed in Ningbo Twelfth Five-Year Modern Agricultural Development Plan. Among them, Coastal Modern Integrated Agriculture Demonstration Area has been approved by the provincial government for construction. By rapidly increasing size of characteristic base, Ningbo had constructed 3 agricultural industrial bases last year, and the total number had increased to 16. In addition, 10 High-Efficiency Agriculture "315" Demonstration Projects were added with profits / mu of RMB 7,500 and radiation area of 10,000 mu. The effort has played an important role in demonstration and encouragement for better agricultural efficiency and rural incomes.

Agricultural Industrialization

With 45 more, 107 leading agricultural enterprises in the city achieved sales of RMB 9 bn and export profits of USD 130 mn, 7.6% and 18% up respectively on YoY basis. Yinshu Green Food has successfully entered Wal-Mart supermarkets in the United States. There were another 9 farmers’ professional cooperative societies (133 in total), of which 7 provincial-level demonstration societies and 16 Ningbo Demonstration Societies with 3808 members. Over 20 professional cooperative organizations have established stable cooperative relationship with over 40 domestic scientific research institutions. Yuyao China Bayberry Industrial Association came into being, which further increased reputation of Yuyao Yangmei (China Bayberry). The city also formed Waterfall Heavenly Tea Quality Service Center to drive the product into Shanghai Expo, and the product won the title of National Geographic Landmark. In addition, Municipal Land Contracting and Transferring Service Center was formed, by which 10,200 mu of land was transferred in the City last year, accumulatively 116,000 mu in total with large operation area of 205,000 mu.

Aggregate and financial achievement of large industries

Industrial production followed a trend of robust recovery. In 2010, the City’s large enterprises achieved total output of RMB 100.913 bn, 31.7% up on YoY basis, of which light industry and heavy industry grew by 26.0% and 36.1% respectively. The main business revenue was RMB 9.7269 bn, 25.2% up, tax RMB 8.296 bn, 50.2% up, and profits RMB 5.230 bn, 47.6% up. The electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry still dominated others, with profits of RMB 1.159 bn, accounting for 22.2% of the total profits. Chemical fiber, plastic products, non-metallic mineral products, general equipment and other manufacturing industries as traditional advantageous industries have also achieved significant progress, and overall profit making ability of the enterprises has been enhanced with increasing profits.

Industrial Transformation and Development

Transformation of industrial enterprises has achieved primary success. In 2010, the City’s industrial enterprises applied for 1 provincial-level technological center (Zhendong Optoelectronics), 4 Ningbo-level information demonstration projects (Sunny Mould, Shentong, Anchor and B-TOHIN) and 3 new key industrial products (Chaoneng, Jiabeisi and Sacon). In addition, 5 enterprises won demonstration titles of all kinds: Comprehensive Demonstration Enterprise for Xingaoyi and Zhendong Optoelectronics, Energy-saving and Consumption Reduction Demonstration Enterprise for Kehuan New Building Material, Public Technology Service Demonstration Enterprise for 21 cp.com and Design-dominated Industrial Demonstration Enterprise for Dafeng Industrial.

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