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Culture and Education

Education and Culture
2011 - 08 - 19

In line with the strategy of education development priority, the City continues to enhance teachers’ performance salary reform and optimize education network distribution. The City has cancelled or merged Chengbei Middle School and other 5 middle schools as well as small schools with less than 6 classes. The planned expansion of Yuyao Senior Middle School has acquired approval and started design work; the demolition and construction of Huangjiabu Town Central Primary School has been put into operation; Linshan Town Central Primary School has been under construction. Gradually improve middle and primary modern facilities and equipment, steadily enhance regularization of the schools, which make the regularization of middle and primary schools reach 87.77%, build new schools by the standard of Level 2 or higher for regular schools, expand and upgrade old campuses to the stardard 3 for regular schools. Promote rapid development of vocational education, the Electronic and Electrical Training Base Of Vocational Education School Center and Computer Network Training Base of the 4th Vocational School of the City have become national vocational training bases supported by the Central Treasury. Attach importance to quality education development, increase percentage of senior high enrollment to 98.2% and gross high education enrollment to 46% and qualification rate of township (town or sub-district) central kindergartens to 100%.

Public cultural facilities are constantly being improved with larger size and more efficiency for municipal key cultural facilities. The Municipal Public Health Center (covering 138 mu in total, including 15,500 m2 of building area, with investment of RMB 125 mn) had been put into full operation in July with excellent effect. The expanded Yuyao Museum (covering 15 mu, including 5,700 m2 of building area and 2,400 m2 of exhibition area, with total project investment of RMB 45 mn) demonstrates brilliant history and culture from the Neolithic Age to later Qing Dynasty. The City has speeded up construction of infrastructural culture and newly constructed (renovated) 5 town comprehensive cultural centers and 41 village cultural halls. Public-benefit cultural events are becoming more and more prosperous. In 2010, municipal cultural departments organized nearly 30 influential and demonstrating cultural events and instructed over 20 cultural events serving the grass-root level, the mass as well as public and enterprise institutions. Service ability of public culture is constantly growing. In 2010, the City has arranged 3,396 free film shows and 270 plays in rural areas to further meet basic cultural demand of rural people.

Guided by quality of a well-known city, the city aims to enhance protection and utilization of historic and cultural heritage. Yuyao homespun cloth making technique has entered the 3rd National Non-Material Cultural Heritage List. Yuayo Straw Weaving and other 5 projects have successfully entered the 3rd Ningbo Non-Material Cultural Heritage List. The City enhanced support to cultural industry and help social and overseas capital invest in cultural industry. In 2010, with much priority the City supported 3 Yangjiang Book Bars, Tea and Book Linking Project and 1 small rural books store chain.

Mass physical exercise events were extensively popularized. For physical exercise and health facilities, priority has been put to expansion of outlets and expects by combining “management” and “construction” to fully improve construction pattern, contents and standards of grass-root physical exercise facilities. The City has organized participation in the 14th Sport Meeting of Zhejiang Province, winning 21.85 gold medals, 18 silver medals and 13.5 copper medals with 601.2 points in total, ranking the 6th among all counties in Zhejiang.

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